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Near Death Experiences

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  • Near Death Experiences

    "There have been a lot of physical explanations that have been proposed. Those that we have been able to study, the data seem to disprove them entirely," Dr. Bruce Greyson said.

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    I had a near death experience twice. Both times it was very peaceful. I awoke unable to move with tubes coming out of my throat totally unaware of anything that happened, and I couldn't talk so began ripping the tubes out, and they put me under anesthesia.

    1st time it was an overdose on Methadone which would have killed me, but people saw me as soon as I fell asleep and started pinching my nipples and using pressure points to awake me because I wasn't breathing and changing colors.

    The paramedics said my oxygen level was down low enough when they revived me that I could have been mentally retarded for life. I then proceeded to get pneumonia and cold sores completely surrounded my lips because my immune system dropped so low from nearly being dead.

    I was freezing cold in extremely warm temperatures sweating and shivering.

    It was the first time I ever did methadone which I stole from brothers father in law and I didn't know what dosage to take so I took a few, thinking they were like the morphine tabs I've done where you take like five.

    Well, if you have no tolerance to methadone, one of the pills gets you very high. What I did could have easily been lethal and should have been were it not for the good Lord and this wonderful apparatus that puts oxygen in your lungs for you so you don't have to breath.