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  • Facts and Conjecture

    What I know to be true.

    Recordings are an instrument, like a microscope, that permits humanity a glimpse of the actual past.

    It is possible to psychically influence people of the past through them.

    This could indicate a couple of things.

    The conjecture:

    Dark matter is actually the states of matter, past and future. The galaxy has depth, like a book. We are open to page 200. There are 200 pages beneath the page we are open to, hidden from view.

    There is an umbrella of the Present to which all times belong, but the energy of the page is the Flux. So there is past, present, future, and the flux.

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    neonspectraltoast Nice post neon and well said.... good to see you post here And back... it has been a while and i hope you are doing well.

    this is a time for things to be figured out and how all of this will work.


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      Originally posted by neonspectraltoast

      It is possible to psychically influence people of the past through them.
      I'm not sure if I understand correctly: are you saying we can influence the past, by psychically (sp?) influencing people in them? How did you figure this out to be a truth, and not just a consideration or possibility?


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        I've done it too many times to be confused about it asmo. Believe it or not. Strangely, it is something that can be done.

        Which indicates to me that, were I a dualist, consciousness exists on a timeless plane. That's one possibility. The other is that all times fall under the umbrella of an overarching present.

        And these two may be one in the same. I'm sure you can kind of see what I'm saying. I can join in on the atmosphere of the past...there's a trick to it, but I'm not sure how to explain. I think it really boils down to a deep love for other people.

        How do I explain it. I guess the key insight is that all, and I do mean all, variables influence the state of matter.

        I also know that some people realize something is up, including Vin Deisel, but obviously I can't know what they think I am. I'm really just a scientist...a scientist who knows spirituality isn't some abstract thing, but is essential to our true understanding of the cosmos. And not to be feared.

        Also thanks BBB. Jessica filled me in a little on what's been going down.


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          Are we ment to gain true understanding of the cosmos?


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            Would you prefer a planet filled with garbage and a giant island of garbage in every ocean? We cannot fear. Move forward or stagnate and die, those are our options.

            And yes, I want to make Earth a welcoming place for all lifeforms, reptilian and alien poltergeist alike. But we need order.


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              Stop being obtuse. The situation is dire. But fun!