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    So, I gave away some amazing revelations about space last night, and would like to reiterate them here.

    I'm not a mathematician yet, but as Einstein said, and meant, imagination is everything. And I do have that in copious amounts.

    Special Theory of Black Holes

    There is a mirror universe. In this universe is a singularity sucking in light.

    (This could also be occuring at a different locale somewhere in our own cosmos, hence "hyperspace.")

    The singularity creates gravity in both universes. The Sun is the light accretion surrounding the singularity.

    Space is not curved, but warped.

    Massive objects, such as the Sun, pinch spacetime towards themselves from every direction. Like metal in something ferrous. (?)

    This is because the singularity is still sucking. But why does it suck/gravitate? Suffice it to say, that's just how it is, like water is wet, but one could calculate its force by measurements of stars.

    One day the Sun will explode, akin to black hole evaporation. We are also aware of the opposite end, black holes dissipating...into exploding stars.

    On the surface of the Sun is fiery Time, moving in every conceivable direction. (I could use some collaboration here.)

    Thank you.

    More as it occurs to me.

    The Big Bang is where the needle of time hit the preexisting record of the universe.

    It is a "block universe," all times coexisting simultaneously.

    Dark Matter is our detection of past and future states of matter, not visible to the Present eye, like a book opened to the chapter in the middle...

    You cannot see the other pages, but you are aware of the volume.

    These other chapters are stored in the memory and the Collective Unconscious.


      Love your imagination, mister


      • You can never really dig deeper than the surface.
      No matter how many times the shovel dips into the ground, you are still on the surface level of reality, whose true inner workings cannot be reached.

      One can name the different parts of the surface, but truly we are all simply witnesses to an ineffable phenomena.

      The same goes for neueoscience and the exploration of the brain (which mirrors the timespace duality of the cosmos in its separate hemispheres, which formed naturally in relation to Truth.)

      You cannot use a tool to measure itself. Ultimately, to attempt to do so is CIRCULAR REASONING.


        Gravitational waves, as have been detected, are proof of hyperspace.


          And, I believe, at the center of the Earth, perhaps, isn't just a molten core, but a starlet.

          The singularity of the Black Hole generates nuclear fusion, which generates gravity. (?)


            Originally posted by the Riddler View Post
            Gravitational waves, as have been detected, are proof of hyperspace.
            Or Din Djarin s momma being so fat she curves spacetime!


              And also I want to see what happens if you fire a photon and supercool the wave before it hits a slit.

              Just an idea for an experiment.

              And also light sabers could plausibly be created using the proper liquid capped by a crystal. You'll notice that when crystals meet water, they give off light.

              This would be powered by zero point energy which is stored in the Jedi, and could be powered on and off with a switch. Drink.Crystal.Light. ?