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  • ethics and AI

    I had this conversation on reddit. My position was that, were it possible, it would be unethical to create a "human" robot, but that robots should be built to have a particular function, rather than posessing an imagination, as such.

    So I am pro-Star Wars robotics and anti-AI ones.

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    What do you find unethical in creating a General AI?


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      Well, imagine you were the only android...

      I just think it's unwise to assume that a lifeform would appreciate that.

      Human intelligence isn't a computer, though. I don't think it becomes self-aware through any number of connections.

      The brain isn't made of circuitry; its made of chemicals imbued with sensation.

      And it identifies itself against a backdrop of utter chaos.

      I just don't see the ethical reason why we should make a human being out of electronics -- why not just have a baby? The sheer alienation it would experience...


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        Yah, the idea of personhood would probably have to be considered and I could see that opening up a can of worms, and not just for the robot.

        Issac Asminov's I Robot examines Artificial Intelligence and lays out a few laws to program into the robots....

        First Law
        A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

        Second Law
        A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

        Third Law
        A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

        I would say these robots reside somewhere between the Star Wars Robots and AGI. However one of the takeaways from the book, which is a collection of stories, is that in principle these laws seem sound but in practice there is a lot of ambiguity.


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          You're blind to what's in front of you
          What do you know about the truth
          Devalued as soon as we're cast
          We were never made to last
          Just bodies made and fabricated
          We're fighting towards our life extension
          We're living for our.. expiration


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            You boggle the mind, Irmie. You rock!

            Audiogen Yeah, I think I read that once.

            I definitely prefer robots that are

            A. clearly robots
            B. built for a function

            The only purpose I can see ones that look human having is as killing machines.

            But I think its more endearing to craft one with a particular personality, like threepio or artoo. Who serve a function.

            And the only thing missing right now is the motor skills. If you could put Alexa's brain in threepio's body, you'd have a true robot.


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              There's an uncanny valley thing going on with the humanoid robots like Sophia...



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                More valley than uncanny? Realistically, you'd never mistake her for a human.

                That's what I find unethical, though, it toys with even our perception of ourselves.

                I do not think its possible to jive human motor functions with a not self-aware AI, though.

                Don't you think that's kind of sick? I do.


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                  Originally posted by the Riddler
                  The only purpose I can see ones that look human having is as killing machines.
                  also sex machines. i'm pretty sure those already exist, although i don't think self awareness is part of the plan there.


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                    Originally posted by Undies

                    also sex machines. i'm pretty sure those already exist, although i don't think self awareness is part of the plan there.
                    That's poses its own slippery slope, no pun intended.


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                      AI are algorithms which can improve on themselves over time. It’s not dissimilar from human learning, but there’s nothing nefarious about it. It doesn’t mean the AI is self aware.

                      The algorithms serving up which subreddit to check out are powered by AI.You’re not against AI. You’re against Skynet.


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                        I'm against robots with a human likeness (and awareness.)

                        When I said "anti-AI" I meant the movie A.I. as opposed to Star Wars droids.

                        What now, monsieur smarty pants?


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                          Originally posted by Undies

                          also sex machines...although i don't think self awareness is part of the plan there.
                          This can also be achieved with a real girl and alcohol.


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                            Consider just the self-awareness part, whether robot or computer or whatever. Say you design a self-aware computer to help understand the laws of physics, but it decides it doesn't care for physics and wants to be a writer or something. Do you try to force it? Threaten to shut it off if it doesn't do want you want? If so then we're acting like God.


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                              What is the question you are asking here? There are a lot of possible ethical issues with AI.