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Science is Dead

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    Science is Dead

    Play with that theme as you like.

    What once was a vessel of unlimited exploration has become a weapon of dominance.

    Instead of "Let's test and see if that's possible" we have "These are the things which are possible."

    One instance with one set of circumstances are taken and called law.

    The human imagination -- the most powerful source of knowledge known to man -- is dubbed an "illusion", a trick of the brain. Where, in defiance of rigorous philosophy, we're told all that we are resides.

    And we're told philosophy (the oldest and most pertinent of the sciences) is useless and that when Nietzche said "God is dead" that what he meant was science has replaced him.

    Contemporary science is utter rubbish. True science ended in the 50s.

    You guys can't cope with philosophy -- that's just thinking. You're "doing."

    Well, I hate to break it to you, but you're doing it wrong.


      I agree. Science is dead. Politics killed it.


        See? It's dead.

        They just take samples and apply their (often biased) findings as base reality. Cause if science is the authority, they can get us to believe and do anything.

        And oh, how many years were they off in their theory of the inception of animal life? 300,000,000 years?

        Yet we think they can calculate the age of a star...what's a couple billion years, give or take, right?


          The tenets of Science may be in jeopardy, however the application of Science is ubiquitous.


          • Jessica
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            Exactly what I was trying to find words to say. Well put.

          OP may be confusing punk with science


            Yeah, that's what's happening. I can see why some people would think the two are similar, but no.


              But yeah, punk and science are in the same boat: pale contrived shells of their once glorious selves.


                Science is stymied.

                You can't have discovery without imagination.

                And you can't have imagination where you have all the answers.

                And save me that fucking self-serving sCiEnCe ClAiMsth to NOT hAvE tEh AnTheRtHs rubbish.

                According to modern Science, that is, THE HOLY RELIGION OF SCIENCE, they know if you've got a soul or not.

                I've been completely burning your arguments to the ground for years, but evidently you're slow on the uptake.

                Science don't know SHIAT.

                The imagination is so powerful, it can falsify (He DoEsThN't EvUn knO wHaT FaLtHsThIFaCahUn Iz) anything you got.

                But you wouldn't realize this because you're into ScIEnCe not TEUTH...

                TRUTH...not TRUTH

                You're into the Religion of Science, not TRUTH, which you can't HANDLE because it blows your Gosh darned little minds.


                  Science is DEAD.




                      Einstein committed Psyche Physics. Now the Scientific Community claims him, or tries to, as they waddle around in the quantum muck, still trying to pin everything down.

                      Dude, there's not a solution. X/=Y.




                      You don't have to reach an agreement between the quantum world and the macro world.

                      If Z = makes no ultimate sense (which it does)
                      And Y/=X makes no sense.

                      Then X+Y=Z makes perfect sense. And that's as close as anyone's going to get.

                      I know it's stranger than fiction that the guy who knows everything is on an obscure internet message board, but so is the truth.

                      And there is such a thing as Psyche PhysicsPhysich enabled Einstein to imagine light, but that's like glimpsing the iceberg beneath the waves because you got a big tip.

                      Rocket Science? That's bullshibullshibullshi


                        And it's not that QM and Relativity aren't compatible; it's that the link actually IS (woo woo!) COMPLETELY IMAGINARY.

                        The Copenhagen Interpretation IS correct. Without an observer, there IS NO REALITY. At least not a coherent one, which is where decoherence applies.

                        But that's just unacceptable.

                        Why, that would mean witches and sorcerers have as much power as stuffy old men who sit around reading books all day to pretend they're the companions of their brilliant friends.

                        I'm rockin it.

                        In you guys's faces.


                          I'm waiting for the study that says wearing three masks helps combat global warming


                            Originally posted by Vanilla Gorilla View Post
                            I'm waiting for the study that says wearing three masks helps combat global warming
                            That'll be at 6AM disguised as a parody commercial on the Tim and Doug Show, 88.7 FUCK.