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Pipelines are the most efficient energy transport

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  • Pipelines are the most efficient energy transport

    Think of a pipeline as an energy efficient high-speed monorail for liquid energy. Oil must be transported from the source to a refinery, and there’s only 3 ways to do it: by truck, by train, by pipeline. With the keystone pipeline project being shut down, we are forced to use trucks and trains. Which require lots of energy to move. Semi trucks get about 4mpg. Pipelines don’t move; they are stationary. Oil trucks can crash and oil trains can derail, and there’s plenty of recorded incidents. Pipelines don’t crash. When a pipeline leaks, the computer can quickly detect low pressure and target the source of the problem right away. We already have 200,000 miles of pipeline throughout the country as it is.

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    Think about how no one needs that oil because no matter how fast we move in timespace we all end up in the same spot and a day closer to death.