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    Just a thread for related scientific studies, not for chit chat or whingeing


    23 November 2020

    Coronaviruses closely related to the pandemic virus discovered in Japan and Cambodia

    Two lab freezers in Asia have yielded surprising discoveries. Researchers have told Nature they have found a coronavirus that is closely related to SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the pandemic, in horseshoe bats stored in a freezer in Cambodia. Meanwhile, a team in Japan has reported the discovery of another closely related coronavirus — also found in frozen bat droppings.

    The viruses are the first known relatives of SARS-CoV-2 to be found outside China, which supports the World Health Organization’s search across Asia for the pandemic’s animal origin. Strong evidence suggests that SARS-CoV-2 originated in horseshoe bats, but whether it passed directly from bats to people, or through an intermediate host, remains a mystery.

    The virus in Cambodia was found in two Shamel’s horseshoe bats (Rhinolophus shameli) captured in the country’s north in 2010. The virus’s genome has not yet been fully sequenced — nor its discovery published — making its full significance to the pandemic hard to ascertain.


      Most recent meta analysis of 98 studies

      Nov 20, 2020

      The duration of viral RNA shedding was, on average, 17 days in the upper respiratory tract, 14.6 days in the lower respiratory tract, 17.2 days in stool, and 16.6 days in serum. The longest times of shedding were 83 days in the upper respiratory tract, 59 in the lower respiratory tract, 35 days in stool, and 60 days in serum.

      Eight studies that used respiratory samples from patients in their first week of illness successfully cultured live virus, but no live virus was found in any sample collected after 9 days after symptom onset, despite persistent high viral loads.

      SARS-CoV-2 viral load peaked in the upper respiratory tract, believed to be the primary source of transmission, in the first 5 days after symptom onset. SARS-CoV-1 peaked at 10 to 14 days, and MERS-CoV peaked at 7 to 10 days, which the researchers said may be why COVID-19 spreads more quickly in the community and is more difficult to contain.


        ​​​​​Early evidence suggests the variant of coronavirus that emerged in the UK may be more deadly, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.

        However, there remains huge uncertainty around the numbers - and vaccines are still expected to work.

        The data comes from mathematicians comparing death rates in people infected with either the new or the old versions of the virus.

        The new more infectious variant has already spread widely across the UK.

        Mr Johnson told a Downing Street briefing: "In addition to spreading more quickly, it also now appears that there is some evidence that the new variant - the variant that was first identified in London and the south east - may be associated with a higher degree of mortality.

        Previous work suggests the new variant spreads between 30% and 70% faster than others, and there are hints it is about 30% more deadly.

        For example, with 1,000 60-year-olds infected with the old variant, 10 of them might be expected to die. But this rises to about 13 with the new variant.

        Previous work suggests the new variant spreads between 30% and 70% faster than others, and there are hints it is about 30% more deadly.

        For example, with 1,000 60-year-olds infected with the old variant, 10 of them might be expected to die. But this rises to about 13 with the new variant.



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          Don't forget this virus doesn't discriminate.
          That means anyone can get it.

        • JVP
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          Except of you are eating in a restaurant. You can’t get it then.

        Did read about that on instagram.

        Hence why the UK is in lockdown.

        You just have to learn to take this more seriously.

        I'd be looking at the bat population that have the Lyssavirus.

        I'd then be looking at those people that cannot shake covid19 and have had another bout of it.


          Those of you living in America that have kids make sure that if you are going to a park that bats are in it's probably more wise to stay away from them.


          • Din Djarin
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            You forget that Batman also lives in America. He will protect them!


          There is a pdf that you might want to read.


            Covid Mortality rate in the US March 1 to December 12th 2020 for kids 0 to 17yrs was:


            Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) case and electronic laboratory data reported to CDC were analyzed to describe demographic characteristics, underlying health conditions ...


              This one says mask mandates only cut the infection rates 10-20% over 4 weeks

              From CDC, for the US between March and October


                Oi vey


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                  Din Djarin i don't see how it's a post "as an admin". what's that got to do with anything.

                  and it was on your side anyway, i was teasing the request he'd made. but whatever.

                  now he's going to get shitty in a minute about us having this comment conversation on his thread.

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                  Jessica Oh i thought you were serious there :P
                  Sorry, but sarcasm or irony is already harder to detect in writing, but even slightly more at times for people who are not communicating in their mother language
                  No biggie any way! (Glad to hear you were just kidding though :P )

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                  And who the hell cares about VG getting shitty :-D (seems his natural state of being)

                  Esp since we're keeping it properly in the comments of that post Seriously, he's got nothing to complain

                Another one from the CDC that gave these figures for mask use for single exposures during a lab test, simulated for people doing lightwork

                Results from the first experiment demonstrated that the unknotted medical procedure mask alone blocked start highlight56.1%end highlight of the particles from a simulated cough (standard deviation [SD] = start highlight5.8end highlight), and the cloth mask alone blocked start highlight51.4%end highlight (SD = start highlight7.1end highlight). The combination of the cloth mask covering the medical procedure mask (double mask) blocked start highlight85.4%end highlight of the cough particles (SD = start highlight2.4end highlight), start highlightand the knotted and tucked medical procedure mask blocked 77.0% (SD = 3.1)end highlight.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	mm7007e1-F2.gif
Views:	369
Size:	30.9 KB
ID:	97770

                So for people that spent most of 2020 in one of those blue and white masks, they were only about 56% effective the whole time with every single exposure. Doesnt include any source of infection that has nothing to do with the mask; skin, hands clothing etc, of course

                Up to 95% for titely fitted masks on a single exposure, which still drops down to 60% by the time you get to 10 exposures
                This report describes experiments conducted by CDC to assess two ways of improving the fit of medical procedure masks.


                  Oh, and that one also said masks fitted like the picture on the right gave better results than double masks, so another thing Fauci was wrong about

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	mm7007e1-F1.gif
Views:	402
Size:	128.4 KB
ID:	97772


                  • Din Djarin
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                    Didn't Fauci say 2 of those cheap average quality masks are better than one, not that 2 of the worst masks are better than one that fits better or one of a higher quality?

                  VG if you ever come across some study that includes mask effectiveness on humans with facial hair please post it be interested in seeing if any were done and what they determined


                  • Vanilla Gorilla
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                    Yeah, you would have expected something to have come out of india or the middle east 6 months ago, but nada

                  This one is a lot scarier than it first appears, whilst its only a single case, you can bet its been double checked to death and is a clear indicator that flaws in the gene that encode the HLA-B27 antigen will make those people more susceptible to both the nastier effects of covid and cancer later on. That anitgen is associated also with Inflammatory Bowel disease

                  NK-cells are one of the main defenses when there arent anti-bodies around, they also are a big defense to tumour cells

                  Anyone having any kind of inflammatory response to covid is a tiny percentage, but we are likely to see a wave of earlier than usual cancers in a decade

                  Although with psoriatic arthritis ( one of the ones that make peoples feet swell up ) it usually cuts their life short anyway
                  An apparent first case of psoriatic arthritis triggered by coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was reported in a genetically predisposed patient.


                    113 deaths out of 12,500 vaccinations in the first month of vaccine rollout in the US

                    This is from the CDC


                    Normal death rate is usually around 0.85% per year, so for 12,500 in one month you would expect 9 to die anyway. So even age adjusted, 113 seems abnormally high
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