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I Want to Invest in Bitcoin.

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    I Want to Invest in Bitcoin.

    If there's anyone here who can explain to me in layman's terms how I can make money with Bitcoin, would you send me a PM? Thanx.
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    Forget the pm, just explain it here. I've been confused by this bitcoin concept for 15 years now. As far as I can tell, it's just guys declaring that they have a thing and that it's somehow worth money.
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      It's like with stocks. Buy at the right time (when price is low(er)) and sell with profit :P

      So you just took notice of the latest spike, which means you missed a good time to invest. It remains a gamble though, and the higher the spike the higher the risk of the bitcoin being an unrealistic bubble and that it will burst.


        If you want to invest in bitcoin sign-up/download robinhood. If you want to actually purchase bitcoin sign-up/download coinbase. There are other ways to buy bitcoin, but from my experience, coinbase is probably the simplest.

        Robinhood is a straightforward investing app.

        With coinbase, you sign up, provide personal and banking info and it sets up a portfolio and provides you with a digital wallet. The wallet has an encrypted address, a series of characters that looks like some random piece of code, which identifies your wallet. You use that to send and receive bitcoin, you can also transfer money from your bank to your bitcoin wallet and vice versa.

        There used to be online games you could play or perform various online tasks to earn bitcoin, I don't think they are as prevalent anymore but I haven't really looked around lately.
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          buy low

          sell high

          cross fingers that it doesnt crash