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I almost caught Hepatitis C... Jesus was always with sluts + whores!

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  • I almost caught Hepatitis C... Jesus was always with sluts + whores!

    So, one of my favorite prostitutes in Saint Paul, who I actually saw during my last institution, she was in bed with me and we were about to go to second base, I had no protection handy, and she broke the news to me that she had Hepatitis C.

    I thought maybe that was her making it up, because she didn't want to have adult relationships with me maybe I thought , but I found out from others who know her that it's common knowledge she has hepatitis C.

    It's very sad, because I have seen IV drug users with that disease whose skin turns yellow and liver destructs.

    She looked good when I saw her last May (actually more closer to August), but it's going to lead to her premature death, and had she not told me, mine too.

    I'll never forget, first time she and I bonded was in the dark the night her mother died. She ran up to me weeping and holding me. I had nothing to offer and felt embarrassed she was holding onto me, as I was homeless and hadn't bathed in a few days.

    Yet every time she sees me she wants to hug and kiss, and if I offer her money no strings attached, she and another prostitute I know, (one of them with a daughter) will not accept money from me because of my financial crisis, showing they have a moral compass, altruism to some extent, and they strike me as more humble than pious Religious folks on average.

    Jesus was constantly criticized for always hanging out with sluts and whores, and from my experience with them and average religious person, I'd pick sluts and whores over what is typical piety, not saying sexual immorality is okay, but Jesus praised the immoral woman who washed his feet with her tears and dried them with her hair, the morally loose woman who anointed him with oil....

    And the first person the risen Christ appeared to was Mary Magdalene, notorious for being a slut and having seven demons cast out of her.

    Christ said his and John the Baptist's testimony was rejected by wise, learned, and religious people, and prostitutes + sluts were at the top of the list of people who accepted them, with tax collectors and drunkards ( notorious for sexual immorality and crime), and "babes and sucklings" lol.

    I must detach myself from prostitutes and immoral folks, as two STD'S and a close call with Hep C, and being found in a guy's bed with his girl, inviting the wrong guy's girl to stay at my apartment, and the consequences, has scared me celibate, but I truly miss the companionship (even with the old retired actress that used to hire me ) and the crazies, the junkies, and the interesting females I can't hang out with or sleep with anymore is a major drag.

    But just for the sake of conversation, does anyone know the best site I can find lonely women free of charge. I want to give them a Catechism lesson. Plus, when I'm interacting with women regularly from such sites , it motivates me to work, be clean, groomed, organized, have the means to wine and dine them.

    But I'm praying God doesn't strip the whore of Babylon down naked and kill her like Revelation says, but that the whore be like those whores who accepted Christ, use the money from her harlotry to buy the impoverished Christ New shoes, new clothes, new merchandise, fun, and satiate the starving Christ in need of sensual gratification from a pretty female Goddess, satisfying the many appetites of the needy suffering Christ in the poorest of the poor.

    I had a prostitute spend all night with me sharing her goods and cleaning, organizing my apartment, and didn't charge me anything. God better reward her on Judgement day for charity!!!

    In defense of virtue though, sexual immorality has left one in five Americans with an STD, and the terrible curse of unwanted pregnancies and children without nuclear families.

    But I've met sluts, whores, and pious churchy types, and I definitely favor the former, not just because of reward they have given me, but their humility, lack of judgement and condemnation, their knowledge of their faults and unrighteousness, more down to earth, more amusing, and they seem more nice, kind, and willing to hug a leper or monster.

    I told this girl at a crisis residents that I was a serial killer, and judging by her reaction she took the comment seriously, but surprisingly she said "Well I need to give you a hug then. You were probably unloved".

    No Pious Churchy girls I met would ever offer a hug to a serial killer, monster, or little shit who jokes like that. I've been around them enough to hear them gossip about abortion, Catholic Doctors who prescribe contraception, bash heretics, bash gays and transgenders (I'm not saying I support those traditionally stereotypical classified "sins" as being okay, but I'm certainly evil enough with a plank in my eye, I can't tell someone about what they must remove from their eye, and I'm too sick myself to judge or listen to such gossip about groups that have better people than myself.

    So, have no interest in pious religious company, as I've seen it lead to things as crazy as a guy hitting a priest in the confession booth , and having to be physically removed over the priests refusal to preach against birth control.

    I go to mass, receive communion, and then offer the treasures of the Eucharist to the Kami Spirits on Capitol Hill, avoiding all interactions with Church people, and incessant pressure from people to get active in my Church is driving me nuts!

    I miss previous junkies and prostitutes I once hung out with regularly, not the pious folks, but I must say goodbye to both, leaving me with my ghosts.

    But they can be fun.

    I also have AA meetings I go to. Kinky impoverished females are what I'm missing most though, and that lifestyle I cherish with them will mess up sobriety, probation, troubles with other guys they see, STD risks, unwanted pregnancy risks, lack of growth in maturity and Spiritual perfection, so it simply can't continue.

    How did Jesus Christ manage to have so many women with mental health issues, who sell themselves , need exorcisms, are always around him, kissing his feet, massaging his head with oil, washing his feet with their tears and hair drying them, but not experiment with them.... he even turned water into an intoxicating party beverage that causes sexual promiscuity and lowers inhibitions, and yet he allegedly remained a 33 year old Virgin that didn't masturbate.

    I guess that isn't the most impressive of his works, but is certainly one gift and strength I'd like to have.

    Please pray for me, and pray the whore of Babylon and Jesus to become good friends. It's my latest crusade! He said "love your enemies". He should take his own advice! .

    Your advice is appreciated!

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    I said she was notorious for being a ****. That doesn't mean she was, but I have heard guys refer to a female as "the Mary Magdalene of town" and I know what they mean. Also, the Carmelite nun I knew named "Sister Magdalene" took that religious name based on her former life of sexual promiscuity.

    I'm sorry to repeat false info, which I'm assuming I likely did, but I said she is notorious for that. Being notorious for something doesn't mean guilt or accuracy.


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      Okay, upon further being informed, I guess it's hard for a guy to get hepatitis C from a female's vaginal juices.

      But I got Clamydia while wearing protection, which is supposed to be practically impossible for a guy to successfully contract with a condom, so Divine providence has ways of punishing me.


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        Originally posted by ill Duce

        Kinky impoverished females are what I'm missing most though
        Amen to that


        • Matthew Mussolini
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          Like my Internal medicine Doctor Mother, who got me addicted to a prescription controlled substance age 11, and destroyed the family cheating on Dad and getting with lots of guys, far more than the four she married and divorced.

          She is a professional educated Doctor, but professional educated people can be a mess. Look at the Kennedys.

          My older brother is a Doctor in the air force and possibly most messed up of all of us.

        • Amerijuanican
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          yeah generally the more advanced and thus uppity they are, the higher potential of them being a beautiful mess.

        • Amerijuanican
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          Quark, I'm with ya on the "goals and shit" thing, that kind can generally just fuck off. Esp. when they turn it on us.

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        Prowlin music



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          I'd heard of this years ago but not heard it, thanks for sharing

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        Well, at least everyone knows where the money for food actually went now


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          Originally posted by Vanilla Gorilla
          Well, at least everyone knows where the money for food actually went now
          No, I'm sharing of visits to prostitutes in the past. Have been celibate for quite some time, I just had a homeless girl and her boyfriend pay some cash to crash on my bed recently, and it reminded me how much I miss such company.


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            Luke 18:9-14
            The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector

            9To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else, Jesus told this parable: 10“Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. 11The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector. 12I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’

            13“But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’

            14“I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”


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              I love that parable.

              I like Religious Orthodox Jews and respect and admire the Pharisee office and vocation, which that parable paints badly, but it's an awesome message otherwise!

              I am certain God made me a leper of society, and kept me one of the sickest , warped , broken people I know, so that I would avoid judging people, love and understand lepers and monsters, and keep myself in the "humbled to the dust" condition of the tax collector in that parable.


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                Originally posted by ill Duce

                I am certain God made me a leper of society


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                  Originally posted by Pete's Draggun
                  VEry fascinating because I earlier today wrote of a vision I had where Japanese children were smiling and controlling me like a puppet, and I prayed earlier today for a Messiah, dark Messiah and light Messiah anointing to win lovers of darkness and light.

                  I highly doubt I will , but your sharing that video when you did is impeccable timing.

                  Also, "leper Messiah" is so fitting, I can't believe I never thought of that , all the times I prayed for a "wounded healer" vocation, I'm surprised "Leper Messiah" never entered my thoughts, as I use the term leper and Messiah so often.

                  Anyhow, I received your Joker poster, Anthrax, and the help that I cannot thank you enough for, and if God doesn't reward you soon for your generosity, I'm extremely pissed at him and asking him to resign and step down.

                  Blessings and an amazing future be ever yours , and your heath Ledger images and Joker cards in the mail with the outfit, really makes me feel very close to the departed Joker Spirit, and inspired in my pursuit of a Joker office and vocation.

                  My words of gratitude do not adequately express how much you have helped me, and how highly I think of you. And the amazing lesson you teach me is that such charity isn't even coming from a man of any noticeable religious motives or convictions, ever reminding me to remember that some of the greatest people are not religious or pious.

                  I needed that lesson and example too. So thanks!


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                    Matthew Mussolini

                    I'm fully rewarded knowing that my extra resources safely got to your residence and that it'll keep the heat on with your belly full of food and water.

                    Stay on the path of being in your continuous center.

                    Maintain your mission in life as a man.

                    Take care Matty ?


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                      The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides
                      By the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men
                      Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will
                      Shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness
                      For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children
                      And I will strike down upon thee
                      With great vengeance and fuuuurious anger
                      Those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers
                      And you will know my name is the Lord
                      When I lay my vengeance upon thee



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                        Screenshot_20220107-083201_Samsung Internet.jpg


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                          Unbeknownst to her and my whole family, my mother had hepatitis C before she got married and had me and my siblings. I was in high school when the diagnosis came out. The rest of our family tested negative. So it’s not very easy to catch hepatitis C through sex. I mean, my father never caught it, and I was born from a mother who had it.