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Homeless dewd keeps showing up at my house. Heavenly maiden in disguise?

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  • Homeless dewd keeps showing up at my house. Heavenly maiden in disguise?

    I turned my home into a Shinto Shrine and dwelling place for Kami with a Honden (Sanctuary room closed to the public, reserved entirely for enshrined Kami), ark of the covenant, and Kamidana (godshelf, godcupboard) where Kami in need of rest, prayer, and healing can find it, but this is the third homeless guy I feel like I need to let crash at my place, because I can't pretend I love Kami and welcome them, while turning the most needy incarnate spirits away. The first time I let this happen, the dewd steals my phone and wallet. I dunno what to do cuz I lose if I turn them away to be cold and miserable while I have comfort.

    Scripture refers to Heaven as Israel , a woman, wisdom is a woman, and everyone in Heaven is a spiritual warrior. Women outnumber men, plus, they don't rape children as much, very rarely become serial killers, are far less violent, and studies show they are naturally more spiritual, so there are probably more females in Heaven than males.

    Okay, this isn't about sex or romance, because there is a dude in my bed and I'm not gay and this guy is severely mentally ill, talks to himself, irritates and annoys me, and I'm crashing on the couch in another room not feeling comfortable around this guy, but I feel if I'm hospitable to him, I'm kind to her:

    8ee372606685eca7eba71d3e6a8a1640.jpgmaxresdefault (2).jpg

    It's about sacrificing my comfort because this is about charity, love, agape. Ask not what the Israeli defense force girls can do for you, but what you can do for them.

    296c647fd5db97a0498541d8da4f769a.jpg Scripture says by inviting the poor into your home you entertain angels and Jesus shows up disguised as those most difficult to love, the poor, the foresaken, the unwanted, to test us. If you find it tough to love Jesus, simply ask him to give you a spirit-friend in Heaven who has the mind and heart and spirit of Christ, but looks like this:


    It's still Jesus because she is a temple of his Spirit and she has his mind and his Sacred heart beating in that lovely bosom. Rest your head against it with delight and sleep like a baby. If Jesus can love and hug a leper, so shall she, unconditionally, even die for you.

    Isaiah 66

    Rejoice with Jerusalem, and be glad for her,
    all you who love her;
    rejoice with her in joy,
    all you who mourn over her—
    11 that you may nurse and be satisfied
    from her consoling breast;
    that you may drink deeply with delight
    from her glorious bosom.

    12 For thus says the Lord:
    I will extend prosperity to her like a river,
    and the wealth of the nations like an overflowing stream;
    and you shall nurse and be carried on her arm,
    and dandled on her knees.
    13 As a mother comforts her child,
    so I will comfort you;
    you shall be comforted in Jerusalem.

    Scripture says, we are one body in Christ, and so when you receive Holy communion at Mass, you can chow down on the soldiers for Christ, including the Heavenly maidens.

    Paul said, "It is no longer I who live but Christ." The Heavenly maidens can say the same

    These Israeli girls who have gone to their eternal reward are connected to God, God lives in you if you but make your body a temple of the Holy Spirit, and therefore the Heavenly beings, brides of the lamb,

    I'm not a Christian by my standards, for I'm Scriptureless and Dogmaless, embracing Shinto, where a woman is the greatest Kami, despite not being the creator of the earth. Yet it's completely compatible with Christianity, and since I accept Jesus as Lord and savior Kami who died to atone for my sins and rose from the dead, technically I believe everything Scripture says you need to believe for salvation.

    I will not accept Christian Dogma about people going to a place with an eternal hot poker shoved up their ass for not believing in the right divinity as Lord and savior though.

    That bigoted , hateful, toxic madness drives me up a wall and makes me want to blow my brains out and shout blasphemey at some ass hole that keeps creating more and more people, then gives them a sentence a billion times worse the greatest martyr of the worst war crime in history, torture that never ceases. All because they commit the crime of not knowing Jesus is their Lord and savior due to lack of evidence.

    I'll accept Scripture when it doesn't go against my moral compass. I will not accept anything that my conscience tells me is sick , cruel, and wrong, whether it is in the Scripture or not.

    Well, Jesus warns us that he sends needy people to us, and that what kind deed you do for the least of them, you do for him.

    He shows up when it's cold and wet, needs a shower, offers me all his money (two dollars),

    Also, the almighty creator and Kami have been very patient with me being mentally ill, in trouble with the law, being an addict, being a carnal swine, being immature, looking at Israeli defense force girls and telling Jesus how many converts he would get and how much more men would pray had they the conviction that they were praying to:

    Seriously, Jesus shares his glory with the countless heavenly maidens whose beauty never perishes and is perfected to the first degree. Now I have to go about convincing people that my discovery is valid. Were there just as many female crucifixes as there are male crucifixes, guys would pray way more and have more converts.

    This is serious business! They will console you in dark moments to the point where it could become a matter of life and death! "Believe without waivering and it shall be done for thee" thus sayith the Lord!

    The Israeli defense force can act to the extent that you trust in, rely in, and have faith (believe) in their providence.

    sg23-q2-BrideOnMoon.jpg Sort of like God's providence. Scripture says, "If you have not faith, it is impossible to please God". Faith of a mustard seed can move mountains and shit, said he!

    If praying to Jesus (the dude ) never did anything for you, give the IDF girls a shot.

    But anyway, yeah, some dude keeps showing up at my house needing a place to crash and I feel like if I turn him away, I just turned away Jesus and the IDF girls who always were there for me and shit, loving me unconditionally when I was an asshole, doing drugs, stealing,showing no signs of maturity and self-control. How can I be forgiven a huge debt than turn this poor guy away?
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    They are legion, for they are many! Seriously, when you search for soldiers in bikinis on google images, nearly all of them are Israeli girls, despite Israel being a tiny country and puny percent of the world.

    Israeli military is half female on the frontlines and per capita, many argue they perform greater on the battlefield than American troops, and best military on earth per-capita. God's chosen people. Mussolini means Jacob by the way. Jacob is Israel. So mentioning Mussolini is okay because I'm talking about the guy in the Old Testament who stole his brother's blessing and destiny and became the guy that every Jew and the Messiah descend from.

    Israel means, "Contender with God". Jacob fought with God all night and won. So can you!


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      It's almost like having hotwater here!


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        I'm sure you googlin for bikini soldiers has zero to do with physical attraction lol


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          If hot water were clinically insane, yeah.


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            Originally posted by J Ruth
            It's almost like having hotwater here!
            Has anybody invited him btw?? Or is he considered too much HF furniture (which I considered myself to be once btw :P )


            • Din Djarin
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              Jessica I think Undies or Vanilla Gorilla still have the option (if they dare :P PM should be possible). Perhaps @glen too?

            • Vanilla Gorilla
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              Dude used to be cool, centre left up until 2020. Covid seems to have pushed him to the far left though. He is only about 5 years older than me, so I don't know what he is so paranoid about

            • Din Djarin
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              Vanilla Gorilla pretty sure he's mainly in it to just counter you in that covid thread :P
              I always enjoyed having him around. And people that are too far left don't objectify women like he does :-D

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              Originally posted by Din Djarin
              I'm sure you googlin for bikini soldiers has zero to do with physical attraction lol
              We are supposed to see Jesus in the poor and that is what motivated mother Teresa to hug lepers.

              If I can see a hot IDF chick in a bikini in everyone, I would be a lot nicer guy.


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                I don't think pm is really an option, pretty sure some people already got banned for that. I'm also almost positive someone invited hotwater at some point.

                Originally posted by J Ruth
                It's almost like having hotwater here!
                Nah, he only posts women with obnoxiously large breasts. The women in this thread are actually proportional.


                • Jessica
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                  Something highly amusing about the words "obnoxiously large breasts" hahaha. Maybe just me.

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                20-55-885x1024.jpg ​​​​​
                Originally posted by J Ruth
                It's almost like having hotwater here!
                Was that the name of someone who burns candles to Israeli defense force girls in the realm of the spiritually mature, the few, the proud, the exalted, the Queens!

                If so, he actually is climbing Jacob's ladder, quickest, easiest ascent to Godliness and holiness!​​​​​​


                Everyone has a problem with my Gods but my Gods are actually nice and won't flood earth or kill the first born of Egypt, or burn children with fire and brimstone.


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                  Not especially he just posts a lot of hot women in all kinds of contexts. The ones with guns are probably US army but they're all the same to me. Girls in uniform with guns : )


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                    *ahem* as Treefort's self appointed crazy ambassador, I encourage you to not let random hobos in your house. It is tempting, I get it. But usually not the best decision.