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Well I Never Been to Spain ...

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    Well I Never Been to Spain ...

    But I kinda like the music
    Say the ladies are insane there
    And they sure know how to use it…

    Well this is just by way of an intro to this thread. I've never been to China either but I've been to Nam. While there I guess I must of eaten any number of meals, the ingredients of which I cannot vouch for. But that was way back when ... pre-Covid19.

    Cats, anteater-like pangolins, bobcats, badgers, baby deer, squirrels, frogs, dogs, bats, flying foxes, herons, cranes, sparrows, black beetles, turtles, pigeons, starfish, scorpions, caribou, monkeys, foxes, and raccoon dogs are all widely eaten in China.

    Bat soup is especially popular.

    As well as dog.

    Click image for larger version

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    "The embers of our past lives lie smouldering within us awaiting the winds of remembrance to fan them in flames of reality." Dax.

    Oh fuuuck!
    came into this thread all like lalala I have been to Spain I'll mention something I liked about it and then DEAD DOG PICTURE lol
    The worst thing is the pangolin though. They're heading towards extinction, I believe.


      Spooky, I was just reading something about Neanderthals in Spain
      Researchers deduced that 70% of them were teenagers/kids

      At least the ones that left tracks anyway

      Imagine that, 70% of your community are teens and they all had an IQ between a chimp and a human

      Something tells me not many lasted past 25, adults got killed off pretty quickly if they weren't useful, and it would have been pretty brutal

      Among the growing collection of Neanderthal remains discovered are bones belonging to children. Now we are gaining unprecedented insights into what being a young Neanderthal was like.


        Lord of the Neanderflies


          Originally posted by Vanilla Gorilla View Post
          Imagine that, 70% of your community are teens and they all had an IQ between a chimp and a human
          So, typical teens.


            For travel, Spain is strikingly like Italy, but Spaniards argue a whole lot less than Italians do, and they argue about far fewer things.

            I speak both languages well, and I've been many places in both countries and spent much time in both. I'm Italian by citizenship but not currently a resident, and I'm not saying that Italians are generally more hostile than Spaniards are. It's just a style of communication, and it rarely escalates beyond words. Italians argue more and get contentious about little things, but it has also been my observation that they joke more as well.

            Yes, differences abound (music, food, architecture) but the similarities are striking, and the two countries don't have the rivalries and old grievances with each other that many pairs of countries that share a border do. Having France and the sea between them really helps, I think.


              Several species of animals will go extinct in the nearby future solely because of the peculiar eating and medicine habits of the Chinese.

              I'm sure it also counts for several other species of animals that are massively consumed in our parts of the world btw

              Combine that with the species that are threatened with extinction just through certain pollution and loss of their natural habitat and you get a quite horrible picture of how we in our entirety are negatively impacting the world. Which a lot of people are still rigidly in denial of as well


                Mmm that's good carcass.


                  Click image for larger version

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