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How to travel the world cheaply

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  • How to travel the world cheaply

    Looking for info on books, dvd, websites or other media concerning traveling the world as cheaply - but safely as possible.
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    I don't have any books etc. to suggest off the top of my head, but people prepared to do some work along the way probably get one of the cheapest methods.. Programs such as wwoof-ing.
    ​​​​You say safe, so many will disagree, but I believe hitch hiking is much safer than some fear, depending where you are.
    Choose countries where your money will stretch further.
    Make friends around the world who you can stay with.
    Choose camping where possible, if you don't hate it.
    That's all I can think of right now. I wish it were still the kind of world where you could work your passage overseas on a ship or something.. I'd do that.



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      Well when I was a kid I travelled really cheap with my view master.

      let’s take a live trip to Oakland right now ok? On a tour


      • Amerijuanican
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        Ben and Jerry's ..Lol!
        Now I can say I've seen Oakland. If not for covid I might have been to CA this year on my bike. Or Amtrak.
        Was on my bucket list... I have hobby interests out there, like the cars that run on the dry lakes (Murac..)
        some car part shopping for my hobby too.
        Lots of them in SoCal. Many are getting on in years among them.
        Thanks for the vid!

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      The forums on the lonely planet website are pretty good. The lonely planet guides are ok too, but by the time a hotel, etc., gets into the LP guide, the prices go way up.

      I think lonely planet may be shut down though.
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        Couch surfing websites too is a good way to cut costs, You don’t have to pay to stay. Tip as you like. Could be dangerous too so make sure the person is ok. Or make friends online who you come to trust and crash at their place. You get a personalized tour guide as well.

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      Let’s travel by train, all of us together,



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        I travelled the world stayed in some of the best hotels and had all my food and drink paid for ! all for free


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          Tell us more!

        • mallyboppa
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          you just have to spend 20 odd years of your life learning an obscure trade like ( building Carpet weaving machines ) took me round the world a few times

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        Try seeing about working. I was able to spend 4 months in Japan working as an interpreter. I don't know about all foreign countries but Japan has lots of opportunities for native english speakers. Not only was I paid a stipend but was given free room and board (albeit in a college dorm with 4 other people. That may be a deal breaker for you). So not only did I not spend much money, but I was basically paid to be there. I don't know if you have any skills other countries would demand, but you might be able to find work short term to fund your travels

        Of course this is all depending on what's going on with covid...


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          How old are you Amerijuanican ?


          • Audiogen
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            I think he said 56 the other day. Probably could let him speak for himself but I just want to see if I remember correctly and let him know that someone cares.
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            Yeah I remember reading that too in another thread. Maybe not 56 exactly but I'm pretty sure he is 50 something

          • Amerijuanican
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            Yes I am 56
            but I want to live like I'm 18 again

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            Well today I am going to Australia to watch a fledgling falcon. Live



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              And into space