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  • What's yer game?

    Hey Treefers!
    (Treelings? Treeple/Treople?)

    Anyway... HI!
    I was thinking it might be worth having a general games thread, so I made this one.

    (Maybe I'll update this post with all the games mentioned as time goes by, with links to the first mention and to its own thread, if it gets one.)

    From mobile games, to console, to PC...
    single player to MMO...
    what video games does everyone play?
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    Originally posted by Kick Frenzy
    Hey Treefers!


    • Kick Frenzy
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      lmao... love it

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    to answer the question, i play kind of a wide variety of games. i tend to pick one, maybe two if they're less in-depth, and stick to that one or two games until i'm totally sick of it, and then move on. RPGs have to be my all time favorite genre, but i'll play pretty much anything if the current mood is right. i like to find new fun games, but i also keep going back to the classics. i've spent more time playing warcraft 2 in the last year or so than i did from the time it came out until a year ago.

    at the moment i'm on a couple oldsters: my primary game at the moment is rollercoaster tycoon (although it is slightly new to me because i'm playing the second expansion pack, which i never had before), and on occasion i'll put on my emulator and slowly work through super mario 64. i suspect my next venture will be the last of us, since i've had it for a few months and have been meaning to play it, and now i keep hearing about the sequel so my interest is piqued again.


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      I'm old school Legend Of Zelda. Got the first one back in the '80s for the NES. Moved on to Ocarina Of Time for the N64, which I still play only now the challenge is mastering the many complex glitches that have been discovered over the years.

      Twilight Princess was pretty good, but for whatever reason I never got obsessed with beating it like I did with OoT. That was the last one I bought but my brother keeps up with all the new releases.

      If you want to go back farther the first arcade game I was obsessed with was Donkey Kong. In those days there was a skating rink in town with about 8 or 10 games when you first entered. I'd stand in line with my $1.00 in quarters for what seemed like forever, go through 4 quarters in about 5 minutes and that was that. I still kind of dream about it. One day I'd like to buy one of the old Donkey Kong arcade games just for the satisfaction of owning it.


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        Originally posted by tumbling.dice
        I'm old school Legend Of Zelda. Got the first one back in the '80s for the NES. Moved on to Ocarina Of Time for the N64,
        did you jump straight to OOT or did you play the other ones in between? i'd be interested to meet anyone who managed to beat zelda 2 without an emulator and the save state feature; that game is a straight-up cunt. it's fun, but damn it's hard.

        i still go back and play all the real old zeldas occasionally. i actually did the original a few months ago. beat the first quest and got about halfway through the second before i got bored and moved on. link's awakening is still one of my favorite classic games. i played a bit of the switch remake when it came out, which inspired me to replay the entire original. and a link to the past is a great game, although i never played it until a few years ago, so it doesn't have the nostalgia factor of the others. i'll even do zelda 2 every once in a while, although it's pretty much objectively the worst of the series.

        i never got into any of the 3D ones though. i never owned a nintendo system after the original NES, so by the time i played OOT it was already super dated and just not that fun for me. and i never particularly cared for that genre anyway; i also couldn't get into kingdom hearts which was pretty comparable. then again, i was completely addicted to the witcher 3 for a while recently, which is basically just an updated version of all that.


        • tumbling.dice
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          Undies My brother had the ones in between the original and OoT so I played his on occasion, I just never really got into any of them. OoT was my thing, however.

          I didn't car for Zelda 2 at all but then again never played that much. That was about the time that I enlisted in the army so I had other concerns.

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        Mostly iRacing at the moment.


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          Good stuff!
          (And I love that Treefer Madness poster!!)
          (I also take things too far, which means I'd love to people making a bunch of Treefort/Treefer movie posters.)

          There's certainly nothing like classic 80s arcade games!
          In fact, I used to have a Mortal Kombat machine in my living room!
          I wish you the best in achieving your Donkey Kong dream, Tumbling!

          For me, I switch around all the time, depending on the mood I'm in.
          The one's in my current "go to" list though would probably be:

          No Man's Sky
          City of Heroes
          Elder Scrolls Online

          I recently started playing Eve, but I'm probably not going to stick with it.

          On the other hand, I think I'm going to go buy SCUM and start playing that today.
          It looks like a really fun survival MMO with really good, and unique, character creation.
          (Age, body shape, musculature... they all actually effect your stats!)

          GAME ON, Treefers!!


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            I did end up buying SCUM and it reminds me of DayZ... if it had been done well.

            In character creation, age, shape, and gender specifics (boobs, penis) affect your stats.
            (For example: a larger penis lowers Dexterity, a smaller one increases Intelligence.)

            Anyway, figured I'd mention it's fun so far even if I'm still learning how things work.
            Might make a thread for it at some point.

            (It's available on Steam, currently on sale for $18 from $30? $40?)

            It should really be mentioned that SCUM is in early development. And the multiplayer option isn't just one big world, it's a selection of servers... which if I'm seeing things right, means servers started by players along with official servers, but those are only in Asia.
            So, I'm not sure how strong the online multiplayer community is.
            Might not be worth it to some people, so I didn't want people to think I was saying this was an easily accessible game.
            Ok, thanks, bye.
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            • Din Djarin
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              thanks for explaining! So its in early development but already playable? Weird, and not inviting to me at first instance :P

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            Part of me wants to play RDR2 again, been 7 months since I did. Probably ling enough for me to get back in and start exploring again lol.


            • Kick Frenzy
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              I always meant to try that, but at 101Gigs, I've shied away from installing it on my Xbox.
              How is it?

            • Irminsul
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              It's fun, but like GTA etc I find it's repetitive and I'll lose interest then I need a good break and come back to it.

              One of my gripes is once you clear an area of bad guys they don't seem to come back, so if I explore a mountain and loot everything then there's rarely every bad guys again to have fun with the next time I am back there.

              I get that it is more realistic which I like, but then sometimes you just wanna explore and shoot some people. But there's no more people to shoot..

            • Undies
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              i never really noticed it being repetitive. there's so many different things to do that if you want to do something different, it's there. it is kind of slow. there's definitely too much time spent sitting there tapping x as your horse slowly gallops across the map for 15 minutes. but the game is fun enough that somehow that's not as bothersome as it would be in literally any other game.

              i also don't remember having a problem finding enemies. unless of course i was hunting cougars; those fuckers can be scarce. but even that wasn't too bad once i figured out where they're likely to spawn. but as far as human enemies, the best way to find them is just to do some story missions. as an added bonus, sometimes they just randomly spawn anywhere on the map, even when you're not looking for a fight. or, you could always just be an asshole and start shooting civilians.

              now a game where you can't find an enemy after you've cleared an area? fucking fallout. i remember when i first got fallout 3 i was trying not to fast travel because at the time it felt like cheating. but damn, walking through 321 miles of sewer with no enemies left in there? not for me.

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            I'm atm only occassionally playing the Starfighter assault mode in Star wars Battlefront 2. I played it a lot already last few years but it's Star wars, it's very competitive and im good at it :-D Still fun


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              I'm really tempted to give RDR2 a try after everything y'all said about it.
              *time passes*
              In fact, I just uninstalled some stuff so I have enough room.
              (I'll let you know how it goes!)

              I also got back into Elder Scrolls over the past few days.
              Went ahead and bought the Greymoor update... and my 10th character slot on the EU server (it's where all my "evil" characters are.)


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                The one thing you should keep in mind with Rdr2 singleplayer is that it's a very lengthy and big game. I personally would not start it in summer. It is superb if you dig the setting and all the open world details though. Wouldn't have missed it!


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                  I started playing RDR2 (Story Mode) last night and...
                  One of the first things that happened was that I was sent deer hunting.
                  It was taking FOREVER to walk through the knee-high snow.

                  So I turned it off and played Elder Scrolls instead, lol.

                  But I'll probably give it another try sometime.
                  I'm really just using Story Mode to learn to controls and stuff.
                  My real interest is making my character for online multiplayer.


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                    On another note, I was wrong about SCUM.
                    They have official servers all over the place, it just depends on when you log in as to what's available.
                    It changes all the time apparently.
                    A handy feature of the server list is that it shows the ping time for each one!

                    Another warning about it though, it has a system-crashing memory leak when exiting the game.
                    (So, maybe force quit it instead of quitting through the menu.)

                    I haven't had a chance to actually play on a public server, but I'll talk about it when I do.
                    Might start a SCUM thread.


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                      Originally posted by Kick Frenzy
                      I started playing RDR2 (Story Mode) last night and...
                      One of the first things that happened was that I was sent deer hunting.
                      It was taking FOREVER to walk through the knee-high snow.

                      So I turned it off and played Elder Scrolls instead, lol.

                      But I'll probably give it another try sometime.
                      I'm really just using Story Mode to learn to controls and stuff.
                      My real interest is making my character for online multiplayer.
                      I know more people who stagnated during the first chapter... they don't know what they're missing!! I find it very understandable people stagnate at some point though, it's such a big story and has a lot of side stuff too which you bound to get sucked into (at least some)! I guess I started it at the right time.

                      I bought it for the singleplayer, but had a lot of fun with the online version as well (which I only started after I was really done with the singleplayer). Different dynamic in playing and encounters etc. but a lot of fun, especially with a trusty posse.