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What draws cockroaches and fruit flies to my meth pipe?

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  • What draws cockroaches and fruit flies to my meth pipe?

    So, I don't exactly have a cockroach infestation because it isn't like I see them too often and I placed poison for them to eat right in the crack where they are coming from, but they really don't seem to be interested in food as much as they want meth.

    No matter where I set my Pipe, on the cupboard, on the counter, wherever, the Cockroaches never fail to be near or inside the Pipe getting high on meth and you can kinda tell their adrenaline and dopamine is all gacked out the way they run like their total tweakers.

    Thing is, they don't seem interested in the poisoned food I'm offering.

    I'm just curious, what makes you guess why they would know they were supposed to consume meth for a high in the first place? Meth tastes terrible and doesn't smell like it's edible.

    So like, did they one day just wonder, I wonder what it's like to consume this disgusting crystal substance, and they got euphoric off it, it made their appetite go away, then they notified their friends and the village children? ?

    See, I've always got residue in the stem or somewhere, and the little bastards are well aware by now that it makes them happy.

    Weird thing is, back when I had fruit flies, it was the same thing. A disproportionate amount of fruit flies were always hanging out near my meth pipe until I got flavored vinegar and they went for that instead.

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    Reminds me of the time Hank Hill was using crystal meth as fish bait and he was catching them left and right.


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      Lol I posted a clip from that KOTH show somewhere on here months ago..

      Something tells me this would not make the best pest control, as i'm thinking cockroaches on meth, constantly looking for meth might make them worse.

      I lol'd at some kids that were obviously skipping school, putting speakers and stereo in a Mustang in the WM parking lot while jacked. They were singing wildly, one would puke occasionally and get right back to what they were doing. Funny to see.. been a few years ago.

      Any cockroaches in that car were definitely dancing to thrash speed
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        Don't roaches often congregate in dumpsters and eat inert stuff like cardboard? I doubt their olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste) proclivities are similar to ours.

        They might be attracted to the aroma of the Meth itself but if there is any moisture or something on/in the pipe, that might be attracting them to it. Also they can go beyond a month without eating, so Meth is like the perfect drug for them.