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Are there any surnames you would get a name change over?

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  • Are there any surnames you would get a name change over?

    I actually,

    If my Church of Esoteric Mussoliniology ever gets big due to my future plans of laying hands on lepers and healing them and making amputees grow new limbs, I'm going to change my last name to Mussolini because Matthew Mussolini just sounds more cool than Matthew Janes.

    And when everyone thanks me and applauds when I receive the Nobel peace prize, I'm going to say, "All my trophies and awards go to Il Duce, the founder of Fascism".

    Then give an annoying speech about why Mussolini was a great guy , another Messiah and co-redeemer with Christ, how he died for us to also atone for our sins, how he promised he would be back, and how his Holy Ghost, (the third person of the Mussolini Trinity, the Fascist Paraclete, ) is omnipresent, all-knowing, can read every heart at the same time in all realms, and nothing is hidden from the great Spirit and all-seeing eye of Fascism...

    ( I wonder how many people would clap).

    But I have asked God to change my surname at least in the eyes of Heaven.

    I have known people with the last name Butts. I think I would get a name change.

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    I Have Known A Family For Many Years Whose Surname Is "Crapp"......

    The Older Generation Held On To That Name.......The Younger Generation Changed Their

    Surname To Cameron.......

    Years Ago Crapp Was A Reasonably Common Name......But Then Everything Changed.

    When I Went To School In The 60's There Were Two Boys In My Class With The Surname "Gay"......

    One In Later Years To His Credit Did Not Change His Name And Went On To Become A

    Sitting Member Of Parliment........

    The Joke Was The Political Party He Was A Member Of Did Not Support The Gay Lifestyle.

    And So He Was Referred To As The Only "Gay" In That Political Party......

    Cheers Glen.


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        I knew some Dickmans.


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          Dick, Clapp, Gay, Hitler.


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            Originally posted by tumbling.dice
            Dick, Clapp, Gay, Hitler.
            I knew a Gay, he was the owner of the local hambrger place when I was a teen, a Chinese Immigrant, that was the english name he chose, that was the 80s, and he was old as fuck then, like 70 something, Alfred think was his first name, so probably in like the 1930s, got to Australia, back when Gay meant happy, thought Alfred Gay would be a good name to choose


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              I knew a Bret Hussell in primary school, back then totally thought that was a cool last name, very gangsta, even though it wasnt spelt Hustle

              Oh, we are doing bad last names


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                I know some women who have Gay as a first name :-D But it seems not so bad.

                One surname I always wonder about when I notice it again why that family didn't change it at some point (as it is very difficult to ignore the sillyness of it) is Poepjes. It literally means little poops. There's a local politician with that surname. Man, its just impossible to not associate her with poop.... She has it unneccesary harder esp as a public figure

                Another one that's weird but not that bad is Naaktgeboren. It means Born naked. Apparently when Napoleon conquered the Netherlands he obligated all people to get official surnames. And some people thought it wouldn't last and didn't took it that serious :P


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                  In English, the word Gay used to mean cheerful, happy, and/or blissful back before 1970. So having Gay as a surname or first name wasn’t so bad.

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                Some good family friends of ours have the last name Butts. The grandfather of that family’s first name was Harry.


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                  if no good ever comes from this forum, i can still say it was worth it because now i know how to say "little poops" in dutch.