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Who at this forum is a Sock Puppet?

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  • Who at this forum is a Sock Puppet?

    So, my initial account at this forum was banned and I see that as a prophetic sign that was meant to be, because I was executed in cold blood without trial ( like Mussolini) , then given a fair trial after my death, and found innocent of crimes (Like Jesus Christ and Mussolini).

    Then I resurrected and returned (something Mussolini promised he would do the day he died, and something Jesus actually allegedly already did).

    So, that technically makes me a sock puppet and speaks a thousand words about how much I am like Jesus Christ and Il Duce.

    But I think there are currently users on this forum besides me who are sock puppets. Yeah, that's like saying "I think the Pope is Catholic".

    Could you give me the list of who the socks are?