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Does shut-eye do for the body what sleep does?

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    Does shut-eye do for the body what sleep does?

    I swear, many days I lay down exhausted because I've been getting an average of two hours of sleep a night, so I silence the mind, think about nothing really, enter into a deep state of relaxation, and an hour later I'm refreshed and feel reborn, wide awake, and ready to smoke some crystal meth, study, write, go on bike rides to Capitol Hill and the Cathedral and sacred places, feed and care for Rachel's Vineyard East of Eden, the Empire of Souls that I must water and nourish with prayer, love, sacrifice, and suffering, in the land of Nod.

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    Wish I could do it without meth but I'm wondering, why is it that I lay down exhausted like I need twelve hours of sleep, keep my eyes closed, and an hour later I'm refreshed and wide awake like I just got sleep and have no feeling of needing to stay in bed.

    Don't you have to lose consciousness though. Apparently not.

    Matthew Mussolini Same thing for me. Most days I stay awake for 30 hours or more. But an hour of prayer and meditation makes me want to change the world for the better!

    Janis said it best: "Why sleep? I might miss a party."

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      i thought shut-eye was just another name for sleep.

      it works for you because of the meth i'm sure. but yeah, i do think lying down with your eyes closed seems to have a minor rejuvenating effect. i'd say it's somewhere between actual sleep and just being up. a lot of times if i pop out of bed right when i wake up i'll be tired all day, but if i lie there with my eyes closed for another hour i'll feel great.


        I don't know about the shut-eye meth combo but I used to work 2 jobs, one during the day and one overnight and I learned that meditation can be used to effectively act like sleep. It's not a replacement for sleep and eventually I just opted for energy drinks or coffee but it was decent for about a month.


          Originally posted by Audiogen View Post
          I used to work 2 jobs, one during the day and one overnight.
          wow. what were the jobs and how long did you keep that up?


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            Audiogen I'd also like to know! I hope you were paid well?

          Originally posted by Jessica View Post

          wow. what were the jobs and how long did you keep that up?
          Both manual labor, furniture company and hardware store. I did both for nearly half a year. The night job wasn't too bad initially because it was mostly inventory but it ran through the holiday season so it became increasingly hectic. Eventually the daytime job was able to guarantee me full time and a pay raise, it was like 4 days a week and on call before that. I was taking public transportation at the time and the locations were not all that close to where I live nor close to each other via public transportation, so there weren't many days where I was just able to relax.

          I don't know if you've done overnight but there is a general strangeness about it. I always forgot what day it was and there was an odd sense of going against the flow of society, everyone was just getting off work or prepared to go out for the night while I was heading into work.

          There was a guy I worked with overnight who was probably in his 40's and he held down 2 jobs as well and had a wife and kids. No clue how he was able to do that.


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            i did 2pm - 10pm at Amazon and that was strange enough. i can imagine night shifts being pretty disorienting.. especially if you're working in the day as well. it's cool to experience these extremes in life sometimes though, i think.. as long as it doesn't go on for years and become all you ever know. Yeah, fuck, family as well.. sounds hellish.