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Neonspectraltoast was right!

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    Neonspectraltoast was right!

    Yeah Neon,

    I didn't want to believe it when you told me that whole deal about an entire gender being evil. But I suppose you're right. That's why that entire gender didn't used to vote. It totally fucked up our country now that they do. We totally need to be like Saudi-Arabia and not let em drive or be alone in public either, and make them dress like they're the Virgin Mary.

    There is only one other gender to hope isn't evil though. And more mass murderers, Dictators, rapists, and sadists come from that one, so I'm losing my faith in either. This guy was an all American from that gender who was intelligent, charming, pleasant to hang out with (with some exceptions) ironically saved lives (when he wasn't screwing and mutilating decomposing corpses in the woods):

    I'll stick with the ghosts in my Kamidana and Honden and Spiders. Homo Sapiens suck!

    There's also that King of the Jews guy that wore a crown of thorns and was nailed to a bit of wood, who continues to visit earth in the form of unleavened bread and wine. You might want to consider eating him every now and then and drinking his blood.

    He's a good guy. But he was an alien, born of a Virgin, a virgin who never had a date all his life. Other than being a Jewish supremacist who believed in slavery, I can't find fault with him. Better than the vast majority of guys out there tough.

    How many good guys are out there besides you?

    The Lady of the Rosary is cool. Just pray lots of Hail Mary's.
    She isn't all complicated like average women , where it isn't cut and dry what they want, even when they tell you (and you do everything they ask, and it just pisses them off even more).

    The Mother of God thinks about really deep stuff too and isn't all shallow minded bird brained out with worldliness and vanities.

    In all seriousness though, there are good people in both genders, we just are often times very blind to our own faults.

    We are also blind to what is troubling others, what trauma may have happened to them, what their vices are.

    Not correctly understanding them and their demons plays a big role. They have different demons that we don't understand, weaknesses we don't have, so it looks like they are worse people, but some times that is far from the case.

    So it seems like they are evil, when in fact we are just as guilty, if not far worse than those we hate.

    It's just we can see their demons. Too often we can't see our own till it's too late. Like, I used to think it was justified to hurt certain people because of the pain they caused me, but they did it often on accident, totally not meaning to increase my misery, as was the case with Lia, various foster parents, family etc.

    Where sadistic stuff on my end to harm people was often on purpose. Yet I thought I was some how justified. Like some fat guy offends me because he's fat when I was growing up. It made me suffer to have to look at him. So I felt justified making fun of him and fat shaming people because it's their fault they are fat from overeating and it offends me.

    Being fat isn't always from over eating, and even when it is, I'm a drug addict, (which is easily as bad, and most would consider it worse).

    I used to want to hurt people just because of the way they look. Oh , someone on TV got tortured to death? That's what they get for being..... a pretty brunette (or something stupid...)

    When someone stirs up anger or hate in you, ask yourself, "do they know what they do?"

    Do they have any ability to change it? (Like some people hate enormous amounts of people and it's over something the person has no control over, like their lips or nose is too big.

    Father forgive them, they know not what they do.

    Keep in mind the parable of the guy that was forgiven a big debt and then the forgiven dude went and beat someone who owed him a smaller debt. He was handed over to the torturers for doing so. Christ says the same fate is in store for us if we don't forgive from the heart.

    I have been forgiven a huge debt, so any time I seek revenge or something or spas out when wronged, I'm falling into that error of being forgiven a great debt and beating someone who owes me a small one, and bringing condemnation upon myself. I'll be doing a lot of time in purgatory or Hell for that.

    Not saying that is your vice, but maybe someone needs to hear it. Peace!
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