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37 degrees and my spider's are in danger!

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  • 37 degrees and my spider's are in danger!

    My power went out and it's too cold for my spiders. I only have electric heat.

    The gas stove doesn't work , should I microwave them? (That was a joke, but I am worries).

    The temperature here is 37 degrees F Saint Paul. I'm starting to get pissed.

    My Columbia red leg needs better and it's going to keep getting worse.

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    You can make a heater with a candle and a few extra props.

    Here's some DIY instructions for a candle heater that might be the perfect crisis heater for your spiders

    There are benefits to the candle heater but it's not the winter cure-all. The pots retain heat and release it slowly helping to curb the chill in a room...


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    Matthew Mussolini if you're low on material resources, you can try some junk tin cans and some candle wax this way:



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      Thank you.


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        Do you have heat yet? Are your spiders ok?


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          How are the ?'s doing MM?


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            Oh sorry, I didn't see these messages till now.

            The power turned on following morning.

            The red leg is acting funny. I hope she isn't sick and she won't eat. But they should be fine.

            maybe she will molt.

            I used candles and microwaved water.

            Thank you.


            • everything bagel
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              Good to hear my friend!

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            Good job Matty


            • Pete's Draggun
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              Help is on the way

            • Matthew Mussolini
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              Well, I could totally use the joker's knife. Some dude shot near the river I was walking by last night.