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  • Mobile, Card, or Cash

    Another round of “Quark’s pesky questions”...

    Do you use your phone, a debit/credit card, or cash when making purchases?

    I’m - once again, a bastard - so I use my phone.

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    Card For Purchases Over $20-00......Cash For Under $20-00......

    Cheers Glen.


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      Depends on the place, I guess.

      How do you use your phone for everything?


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        I prefer using Cash


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          usually card.


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            preferably cash
            mother moon -she's calling me back to her silver womb,
            father of creation -takes me from my stolen tomb
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              Originally posted by Youfreeme
              Depends on the place, I guess.

              How do you use your phone for everything?
              Apple Pay.

              It works anywhere a card can be tapped.


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                It'll be a cold, cold day in Hell before I recognize anything but silver!



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                  95% card

                  My wife uses her phone.

                  The only physical money I have atm is cash from weed sales. I have about 3500€ in notes locked away in my safe.


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                    Plastic . I have all cards attached to a piece of cord that is tied to a money belt.


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                      Don’t carry cash anymore. Card only.

                      The biggest rort are the stores that have a minimum spend to use card or charge 3.7% surcharge. It’s 2021 FFS.


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                        I like cash.


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                          I use a card pretty much 100% of the time. If I end up with cash, it usually just goes unspent. I have a $50 bill on my dresser that I think has been there for about a year lol, I need to put it in the bank


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                            Card or cash. Never used my phone for transactions, except among friends. And I don't have a credit card, hope I never need one. So far I can live without it which suits me greatly


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                              All 3, but cash is pretty rare. I mostly use it for tipping.

                              Credit/debit card tips come with a transaction fee that most people assume the restaurant pays for. It doesnt. It comes out of the individual server's tip. So let's say there is a 3% transaction fee, that 20% tip you left for your server just became 17%. Also keep in mind cash is instant while a credit card tip might take a day or 2 to process, which is a problem if you're trying to make ends meet. Plus, some places pool all credit card tips together and divide them up equally among everyone. That means, the person who provided poor customer service will make as much as the person who worked really hard and earned their tip.

                              Whenever possible, always tip in cash my friends