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Is China still manufacturing our meds?

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    Is China still manufacturing our meds?

    In the first few months of the pandemic, it was realized that approx. 96 % to 98% of our medications are manufactured in China.

    Has this changed? Hoping so. That should have been a top priority right beside formulating a vaccine.

    Not sure I could find a good enough reason to have them made in China in the first place, makes as much sense as anything else does these days.

    The "good reason" is usually money. If it's cheaper, that's what people do. Even if it's destructive in the long term.


      Probably so.

      I hope the world realizes we maybe should spread manufacture of everything around many other countries.
      After all, as Biden who is following Obama's lead by enrichening the rest of the world financially, we should as well distribute where things are made.

      When I was a kid, "made in japan" was a common phrase found on most things. But Japan was working a reasonably fair market.
      China, being a Communist market doesn't seem to be a reasonable place to manufacture things for our health. Many toys made there have been found to be toxic.

      We should decide if it's wise to put our people's health in the hands of a toxic country. I did notice one of my meds is made in Hungary. That sounds much better.


        Haha, first of all I agree that we shouldn't depend on China on several industries, including meds (of course I would say! ), but manufactured in Hungary does not really sound that much better by definition.

        I would also see some concrete examples how Biden is 'enrichening the rest of the world financially', I'm not sure what decisisions or actions you actually refer to there. I did notice he has plans to invest heavily in the american economy and society. Hope you acknowledge I'm not saying this as a Biden or democrat fan (I am neither) but simply because I noticed such info.

        Also, the problem with China's international market and industry is that it is indeed government aided when their western competitors are not (apart from some regulated subsidy at times perhaps), but that doesn't make them communist. They're capitalistic as fuck, simply with state support. They may still whore with their communist origin and principles but they sold out.

        I would say it makes at least as much sense to invest in a country like India that neigbours China and feels pressured by it, than Hungary, and not just the US but the international community.
        Also, the biggest concern regarding China is their ludicrous authoritarian government which has been actively striving towards world domination under that Ping dude, not their industry or international trade position on itself. In combination they are of course connected. And yes, we do need to get more self reliant and strengthen ties with other parts of the world in order to sensibly deal with Xinpings ambitions. But no, not in the first place in Hungary...