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    I had one of these ! one of my favorite cars I have owned

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    this is still my favorite motor i've owned (even though it's currently not starting).

    seadoo sportster


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      this is my least favorite motor. i don't own one, but we have a few at work. every year you have to spend about 3 hours per motor getting it all tuned up for the season, and then if you're lucky if it will run for one entire day before breaking down.


      • Amerijuanican
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        So, likely a few of these have boot dents in them, and got angrily pushed off into a gully ?

      • Undies
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        Amerijuanican if only they weren't so expensive, that would feel damn good. or thrown off a bridge or rooftop would be nice too.

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      first car I ever owned ! me and my Brother bought it between us for £10 (obviously not this exact one )


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        Originally posted by mallyboppa
        I had one of these ! one of my favorite cars I have owned

        I wish all cars stop 0-60 like that one. Impressive. Good handling too
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          I love the 5.7 Hemi in my 2012 Ram 1500. 395 horses and 400 ft lbs of torque. The pic is not mine but that is what it look slike.


          • Beach Ball Bitch
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            Good to know what the truck looks like. Now I can visualize it better. 8 like your truck
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          • SpaceMan
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            smooth ride due to rear coils instead of leafs like most traditional trucks...i just installed some load booster airbags in a 2012 ram last weekend..and i agree about those 5.7 are they strong compared to similar sized fords and gm...much more power

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          I saw a McLaren on the QEW about a week ago. It was impressive to see, don’t like the price tag on it though... anD not 5 minutes later a Lamborghini. I liked the looks of the McLaren far more... the lamborghin Had a really tacky paint job. But if I had my choice I would take the McLaren.

          but I wouldn’t really want either of those cars. Just if I had to chose between the two. I like old cars that are like mom and pop ones, I would want a slow vehicle that only gets driven on sundays because it doesn’t pick up enough speed.

          i also really like 6-eyeds truck. He has a nice truck and is to be admired imo. Not sure what kind it is or what year either, but I like it
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