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  • SCIENCE!!!!!!!!

    For most people who tout SCIENCE as being the reason we should all just bend over and conform to tyranny, it would seem SCIENCE is really about just believing what the authorized government experts on TV say because they are government experts on TV, so therefore they must know what they are talking about and we should have blind faith in them.

    I cannot think of a bigger fraud than Dr. Fauci.... an absolute criminal of the highest order who deserves an eternity in hell if there is one. This guy has continuously made shit up as he goes along, constantly moving around the goalpost to meet the objectives of his handlers in high places.
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    Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize winning chemist and inventor of the PCR test (the same one used to test for COVID-19) on Fauci:

    Pretty much sums it up.
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      Yah and actual legitimate Science contradicting the narrative gets buried in algorithms or removed.

      I can understand views shifting as more info and data is collected but I agree with you on Fauci.


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        Science is too removed from what most of us understand. In my dream society I would get "normal people" much more involved with scientific discovery. In schools kids would learn science history, but they'd also spend a lot more time studying things we're on the brink of. It'd be too complex for this society. The curriculum would have to be updated often.

        Maybe some testing of ideas could be outsourced to schools. Enough kids recreating the same experiments and it might be useful data. Not sure how possible that would be.

        Either way, it's a mistake how they currently teach it. Like it's this static thing that we just have to learn, rather than a process we use that is constantly updating and changing.

        People can easily be fooled when they don't understand things properly. Then they get divided into those who trust blindly, and those who are suspicious of the information. We should be able to elect our chief scientists, perhaps :-)


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          Science is a gathering term that includes most things pertaining to it. When 'science' is getting criticized or put like it is the new dogmatic religion its rarely science on itself that is getting criticized.

          Science is mainly just a toolset. A way to verify and experiment. The scientific method is one of the greatest approaches we have. You can disagree with a scientist (like Fauci), but not with actual science. Yes, science can be abused, just like all other great things, like conspiracy theories, free speech on the internet, etc etc.

          The thing is our societies were not prepared to go with the best safety measures. We can hardbly blame Fauci for going with second or third rate 'solutions' like recommending an almost worthless mouth mask, as there weren't enough of better mouth masks for every average joe. Those were needed in the healthcare system.