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    One last thing...

    lode I love you and I'm sorry if I hurt you. My feelings are hurt. Because I tried to do such a nice thing. And Susie Derkins was important, whether you guys wanna see it or not.

    It's not some thing where it's sensible not to be that commemorative because he wasn't a big player. We're all big players in this world.

    as far as i'm concerned, don was a big player. he's been one of my internet friends for 14-15 years. i don't have any friends in real life that i've known that long. i remember way back in the hipforums glory days when he first appeared as geonagual, probably around 2007ish. he had his own personal forum there, "on top of the mountain" or something like that. he could always be counted on to create interesting content. then occasionally he would get mad about something, disappear for a minute, and come back with a different username. at first all his names were based on some book series he was a fan of; it wasn't anything i was familiar with so it was hard to keep track, but i remember that was the origin (or so he said, although the only other early names i remember are don soledad and i think there may also have been a dona soledad, and when i google that i get a flamenco guitarist).

    then the big forum purge of 2009 came, and a whole slew of offshoot forums started up. i think don made an appearance at most of them. i remember him most from deviance, which was theganjaking's forum. there were only like 7 of us that posted there, but it was the one that felt most like a community, and it actually outlasted all the others by a good couple years.

    eventually we all ended up back at hf, and don was there too, although he moved more toward adopting various characters at that point. like rahab, who was based on his wife, or lorna doom (gotta give props to the wordplay there) who was based on a jehova's witness extremist. but sometimes he still made accounts and posted as himself, and that led to him being invited here. he came along, and kind of followed all of his past behaviors; he started out as geonagual again, made a few characters, got mad for a minute a few times, but he always came back and was always a contributor to the community. i'm definitely going to miss the guy.

    neon, just don't forget that everyone grieves differently. i haven't been ready to talk about don until now. i'm not sure if i was even ready now, but you kind of forced it. just because other people don't handle death the same way as you doesn't mean they're trying to gloss over it or anything like that; death is a fucked up thing and nobody really knows how to handle it.


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      Aw, yeah. This was a good post.

    • 6-eyed
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      I knew he was Lorna Doom but didn’t know he was Rahab

    • Undies
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      6-eyed that one came out fairly recently. i wouldn't be surprised if he had alter-egos that nobody will ever know were actually him.

    This is what I was hoping for, though. That's all I wanted, thanks. Didn't mean to force your hand. But I do want everyone to feel like they matter, and not talking about this isn't gonna help that.

    So yeah, I guess I did kinda force it. It was like pulling teeth, but this is all I wanted, to know Don a little better. You guys leave me in the dark. You know I'm hair-brained, or you should by now.

    Thanks a lot undies. A candle for Don!


      We’re cool Neon. Don was part of the TF family, and it’s tough dealing with loss.

      Wish I knew him better… He was pretty open minded, and would always like and comment on posts he may have disagreed with when you explained how you felt. The place won’t be the same without him.