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I might check into a crisis center

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  • I might check into a crisis center

    My caseworker visits me tommorow.

    I think I shall tell her to check me into a crisis residents.

    The issue is simply one of sobriety and being within a structured environment that has trained staff and therapeutic setting.

    I realize that sobriety will simply be too difficult to maintain, along with stable mental health and sound mind, on house arrest at my apartment.

    I simply can't afford to go back to drugs or cause any more pain, fear, and suffering in our world.

    God bless!

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    I think this is a sensible decision and I admire your self-awareness.

    You said in another thread that you don't know if you can be helped; that's always going to be your choice. You seem to actually be doing okay at letting people help you and this is an example of it.


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      I think that would be a good first move. Just remember, small steps and one day at a time.