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  • Members who have passed away.

    Just thinking of Susie Derkins. He's been gone a while now. He's probably like, yeah, no, I don't want those people to remember me.

    I hope he's having an adventure. If I got to a place called Heaven and the people of my life were there, I would walk away. How scary would it be if they were all happy. What a nightmare that would be.

    There's only one person I'd want to see, though I hope my mom is doing well. I can't trust anybody, almost, though, and I'm just gonna wave my hand and walk away. It's not gonna be like, "Wow! Can you guys believe that?" It's gonna be, "No. Fucking beg for forgiveness."

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    Wait, Sue Derkins has passed to the Spirit World?

    I was just writing a letter to Kami and noticed this.

    ​​​​​​I will pray for and to Derkins if that is the case.

    I checked into a crisis residents but they let me keep my cellphone.

    I don't think I will post too much as it was my obsession with Mussolini that lead to someone getting hurt.

    You are in my prayers Andrew, and if I go back to jail , I hope you don't mind me writing you.

    God bless, and I'm sorry to the forum that I am a mental case!


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      I am, too, Mattholemew. People's cruelty makes me so angry.

      Yeah, you wouldn't know it, but one of our members has passed.

      I hope you don't go to jail, but you can talk to me whenever and wherever, got no qualms with that.


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        two peas


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          peanuts ..