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Why you should never work at or eat at Mcdonalds

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    Why you should never work at or eat at Mcdonalds

    I worked at Mcdonalds in Denver. The owner was told she would face a huge fine if she didn't fire all her illegal immigrants. She fired them all and they did the job way better than the Americans did. Quite frankly, after the illegals were fired, there was hardly anyone left, making drive-through times an outrageous wait, and terribly stressful!

    We were way understaffed and I proceeded to stab myself at a certain point with a box-cutter, not really trying to die, just fed up with my job and left a trail of blood throughout the restaurant. I went out with a bang I suppose and will never list them as references, and and will be unemployed rather than work Mcdonalds again.

    My last job was working as a remodeling assistant for some Vietnamese immigrant last spring, but then someone stole my phone and it had his number, and I was forced into a facility for a few months, so I don't know how to get a hold of the guy again. It's unfortunate because it was one of the better jobs I've had.

    Here are some other reasons you should never work there and possibly never even eat there. It's actually worth reading how terrible Mcdonalds is:
    A company as big as McDonald's has a ton of weird stories they try to keep quiet. This is the untold truth of McDonald's.

    Fuck Mickey D's
    Eat Wendy's instead

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      ^^ Yes!

      Totally agree
      mother moon -she's calling me back to her silver womb,
      father of creation -takes me from my stolen tomb
      seventh-advent unicorn is waiting in the skies,
      a symptom of the universe, a love that never dies!


        Fast food jobs are the pits. I have mad respect for those who do it though.

        My first job was Taco Bell. When you’re dealing with hungry angry people it’s never a good thing. I once had to break up a fight that was about to happen. Told the costumers to take it outside.

        Worst part about that job, was my manager was a fat woman who empathized with other fatties like herself. So she hired a bunch of fat people. Making it very difficult to move around in a tight kitchen space. No way to walk though that kitchen without bouncing into fat coworkers.


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          Aw, it didn't make you feel warm and cozy?

        It's good when you're like 16 I guess.

        Illegal immigrants should be fired at such a job when its found out they're illegal. Not the other employees problem (well, except when it horribly increases their workload of course )


          I worked at Burger King back in 1988 for about 6 months.

          It was one of the best and most fun jobs I had at 16 years old.

          Lots of free food (Chicken Sammie) and high school chics coming n going. Boss was super cool and laid back. Joking and horsing around was on the schedule daily.

          Burger King still ranks a 9/10 as most favorite jobs in my lifetime.


            It's not a job you'd want to make a career of that's for sure, anyway most of the kids that do work there these days look and act totally disinterested in their job especially when they can't even get a simple order right.


              The most interesting thing I learned from that article is that there are more Subway locations than Mcdonalds.

              I didn't really care for the article, or at least the stuff staff wouldn't eat part. It was a series of sections with quick blurbs and then links to reddit. Not that I care to defend Mcdonalds but the article reads like a hit piece.


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                Felt the same way

              I just just looked to see if the Burger King that I worked at was still in existence.

              Yeppers. Drive thru hours close at midnight. Might take a visit tonight with Triple S.

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                My friend Gidget manages Mcdonalds like 2 or 3 of them .. everyone laughed at Gidget in her mcds uniform in the 80s. She makes bank. Sadly none them is around here..

                Im having a Milkshake from MCd and a chicken sammich in 10mins... Eating to much regular foods, need society poison in order to function .. Everything is fresh on this mcds sammiches tho..


                  i like their nuggets .....thats it...but theyre overpriced

                  burger king is almost dead here....used to be 3 locations and now only one..if i go there its only for a whopper

                  a popeyes is getting built...i hope they have good fingers because im tired of these disgusting rude imported fuckheads that took over kfc


                    my sammich..


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                      Intriguing stuff :-D 10/10!

                    Originally posted by Audiogen View Post
                    The most interesting thing I learned from that article is that there are more Subway locations than Mcdonalds.
                    That really doesn't surprise me at all. It seems like every town I go to, there's one more freestanding Subway than McDonalds. Like where I live, there's 2 McDonalds and 3 subways. And that seems to be pretty much the standard on any town. But then on top of that, you have a subway in every Walmart in the country, and in all the amusement parks, and , basically inside every other business that exists anywhere. At this point, I wouldn't be entirely surprised to go into McDonalds and find a subway there.


                      fucking op couldnt hold down a job if his life depended on it whatever the fuck he says about other people who have or havnt jobs is worthless fuckin' babble imo........McDonalds is known world wide for encouraging youth to stay in school with bursaries and scholarships, time off, etc etc.......who fucking cares they had to fire some illegal aliens....those are the hardest workers in the world and likely all had jobs the next day

                      you get what you pay for and always have

                      not p/p
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                        I love your posts rolling

                        If the link contained all factual info, I have issues with McDonald's.

                        If it was falsehood, then I repent. McDonald's food is very unhealthy though, and I truly hated the job.

                        I was a successful paper delivery guy, and my last boss said I did a good job btw