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What did Santa Bring you ?

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  • What did Santa Bring you ?

    Anyone get anything nice ?

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    The best thing any man can ever want from h̶i̶s̶ ̶m̶o̶m̶s̶ Santa ❣

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      I got a bottle of Johnny Red, 15 grams of Atlanta no-name sticky buds, some spy gear and a 500pc puzzle of breasts.



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        groceries and cash, as usual santa knows just what i can use most.


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          I got concert tickets ! Alanis Morisette , dinosaur Junior and Greta Van Fleet


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            Nothing. I must have been a bad boy...


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              My son made me an ornament (it's actually so good! He's a talented artist) and bought me a tarot deck and a candle that has a cool picture of Edgar Allen Poe on the jar. Bought from his own allowance and picked out all by himself. He's a sweetheart ?

              my aunt who I've only seen once in the last 25 years sent me 50 bucks haha

              that's it. I don't like receiving gifts generally and tell people not to bother. Ain't my love language


              • Jessica
                Jessica commented
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                Can we seeeee the ornament?

              • Youfreeme
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                I second Jessica 's comment

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              "Award Winning Green Ant Gin - Green Ants traditionally favoured by the indigenous societies for their medicinal benefits and protein contect. The Green Ants are a unique bush tucker hand harvested in the Northern Territory by the Motlop family of the Larrakia People.

              The Green Ants add a Kaffir Lime/Corriander flavour with a big lime burst on the palate"



              • Vanilla Gorilla
                Vanilla Gorilla commented
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                No gin is a safe bet

              • Youfreeme
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                I can't get over the fact that gin tastes like drinking a pine tree. It's not bad, per se. It's drinking one of those little air fresheners that people hang from their rear view mirror.

              • WritersPanic
                WritersPanic commented
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                Gin tastes like window cleaner to me.

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              Heat. Santa must've found out how much i love the heat. This was the warmest Christmas ever. Temps above 85 F the past few days. Even when i was living in Florida this wasn't the case.