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American privates and Seamen!

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  • American privates and Seamen!

    American giant aircraft carriers and Navy is by far the dominant force ruling waters these days with the best Seasoned Seamen!

    Most of the globe is sea, so those who rule the waters are a force one doesn't want to mess with.

    I don't agree with the major military conflicts this country has engaged in since I was born (with the exception of liberating Kuwait in the first gulf war perhaps) but impressive Seamen to boast of, at any rate!

    Interesting video this is. I only watched the first two minutes...but still...

    American military has the best privates that tend to rub people the wrong way
    But here is a picture of some of our privates:
    soldiers-1002_1280.jpg soldiers+heroes+grid.jpg

    Any privates or seamen here?

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    given the thread title, I was really expecting dick pics


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      Originally posted by Vanilla Gorilla
      given the thread title, I was really expecting dick pics

      Yeah......Mega Letdown.....

      I Was All Prepared With A Bottle Of Baby

      Oil, And A Box Of Tissues......

      I WANT MY MONEY BACK......

      Cheers Glen.


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        So VG and Glen still don't know how Duce's mind works.

        The suggestive titles are always innocent and the innocent titles are often hardcore porn. It's easy.


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          I have plenty of seamen and if your privates have use for it I could send you some Matthew Mussolini


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            The thread titles remind me of The Weekly World News. A+ clickbait.

            7BBC1BFC-E4A8-4DCE-9D35-53B3F9A2DF1E.jpg 3209A700-131A-4DF0-A372-20D8F26C3786.jpg 6F7125C3-85DA-4A17-A1E8-D05F3FC04B4C.jpg


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              It's when the United States discharges their Seamen and where they discharge Seamen is what really matters in the end.

              And where we place our privates can be good or terrible!


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