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Should I stay or should I go?

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  • Should I stay or should I go?

    Just choose the answer that you find describes your thoughts on the matter better than the others.

    I tried posting this in Piranha pit but you can't do polls there. If I get voted out, I just might voluntarily leave.

    This is a long post but worth reading or at least skimming through, and please vote, every vote counts and could get my ass out of here.

    I just noticed another of my threads landed in the pit for being off-topic, and has everything to do with precisely the topic it was supposed to pertain to.

    I find no fault with moderation here. They have been very patient, and what can I say, I'm ill.

    I have Demons but I think the people who have the greater demons are the ones who always win, the ones who control the media, and the ones who write the history books.

    To find out about the leftist cover-ups of a much greater Holocaust that killed enough people to equal World War 3 in a brief period of time following World War 2, something society never hears about, made me mildly resentful and a bit passionate.

    So, I did some research from people who belonged to a system of religion where you have a moral compass and don't lie or there are consequences in purgatory and in this life.

    Rachel Mussolini, devout Catholic peasant who could have been a nun she was so innocent, points out her husband's faults. She doesn't whitewash him.

    She should have said good riddance to Mussolini for being unfaithful to her and siding with someone who is a bully.

    Instead, as an elderly widow, ( who for 12 years didn't know the fate of her mutilated husband's missing desecrated remains ) wrote a book about him in 1974 .
    (The killing of Mussolini was in cold-blood, without trial, and Allies tried in vain to put him on their list of war criminals.)

    (Rachel wrote her sorrowful book in 1974 because not a single documentary about the man she knew since she was seven came out that wasn't fake history.

    ​​​​​1974 is a year more precious to me than any other year of the century because 1974 Denise Naslund died and she introduced me to Fascism when I was in jail for stabbing a man twice in the chest with a butcher knife in an attempted murder, because he was aggressive towards me and bigger, and I was on poor mans PCP.

    Denise taught me to love enemies, honor the dead, and pray for censorship laws , and a Roman Revival of Spirits, where the world of the dead being honored is practiced by politicians and by those who live in this lesser realm of existence (us).

    She called it "The Holy Roman Empire".

    She taught me to love and not be selfish. I fail but have improved dramatically.

    I didn't even know who Mussolini was , but I went to Mass because Denise told me to receive holy communion for her and offer up the treasures of the Eucharist for her (a nd the countless victims of society with no morals that rewrites history.)

    Long story short, a priest told a lady Francisco Franco was a Saint.

    I then read about how Francisco Franco was up against militant secular atheists forcing atheism down everyone's throat in a blood-bath which gets no coverage.

    The Soviets and Bolsheviks in Spain were cutting off hands of priests so they couldn't celebrate mass or wipe their ass, then shouting, " where is your God now you theist freak!"

    Atheists were doing all they could to destroy faith in any spiritual entity, forcing Christian children to attend black-masses and eat feces for holy communion, raping children in front of their parents, raping girls who consecrated their virginity to Jesus then shooting them before they could repent.

    Fascists responded by doing what they could do to establish religious liberties in Spain, and saved Western Europe from becoming part of the Soviet Union.

    I don't think Religion should be jammed down people's throats, and I dislike some of the Bible, but people of faith have been very kind to me, where atheists have been assholes!

    Well, had I not heard a priest tell a lady that Franco was a noble man, I'd not have liked Franco.

    This lead me to Mussolini. He got Franco started and Franco was simply a pupil who gave a listening ear and asked the Duce to help his country.

    I do this for Rachel more than Benito. I owe it to her and there should be a stained-glass window and church named after her.

    Her book came out in 1974. Denise was killed 1974. When Denise introduced Fascism to me, a 1974 penny showed up. When staff searched my cell, they confiscated it as contraband. My spirit was crushed and a song came to me,

    "don't ket em take my penny witto Denny, don't let em take my penny away, it dated back to 1974 when you were reborn and heaven welcomed a new Saint.).

    I left my cell and there was a magazine with big yellow words " PENNIES". So I opened it and it was about "pennies from heaven".

    From that moment forward I took Denise Marie Naslund as my guardian Angelic being. I found out she and I were Fascist, but that was years later.

    Peace and good will to you neighbor! Sorry, I have been a but inappropriate and can do better.

    You should see how far I've come though!
    You aren't that bad, but should talk less about Fascism
    I like you. Keep the flames of Fascism kindled in your heart and share it
    You're doing a splendid job. No need to reform.
    You are not making this forum a better place. But I don't think you should go
    I think you should not be banned but want you to leave
    Ban his Ass!!!
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    You should go and run your own forum.
    I think you would have a lot more fun doing that.

    Try phpbb if you want a good one.


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      Matthew Mussolini

      Stay stay stay. The option I want to answer isn’t there, Do your thing, I would like you to participate in other threads too. I know you like talking fascism and it just isn’t my thing, but talk about it as you want but I hope you venture into other topics you like to chat about too.

      trump was in Minneapolis today, were you down there just hanging around!

      p.s. ignore the one above me


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        Ah shit! I fuckin submitted the unfinished poll anyways.
        I forgot to add the option, "you should go, you should be banned".

        if you already voted but would have voted " go, be banned" let me know. My mistake.


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          i voted talk less about fascism. most of us are basically here to shoot the shit with our online buddies, and we're really not that interested in reading volumes about fascism or any other political/religious leanings you may have. as far as i'm concerned, you're free to keep talking about it, but just don't expect anyone to really pay much attention if you do. i, and i think a majority of members, would prefer if you just joined in with the conversations going on in other threads, and if you feel strongly about starting a particular topic, then go for it, but if you do it a whole bunch of times you're going to lose people pretty quick.

          but that's all just advice and opinion, there's no rule saying you can't post a bunch of shit that nobody reads.

          i do agree with catsandfooty, phpbb is a very nice forum software. i don't know that there's need for a fascist forum out there, but for anyone thinking about starting a forum, i'll say that 10 years ago at least, phpbb was a very user friendly technology.


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            Voted you aren’t bad but should talk about fascism less.

            You’re on a different, crazier wavelength, but I don’t see you advocating for violence, so you’re not a bad guy near as I can tell.

            But if you want to engage people here, post about some other stuff.


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              You're crazy and no one really cares about your nonsense


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                Like... Coo coo crazy


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                  If you go there will be trouble

                  But, on the other hand, if you stay it will be double


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                    Originally posted by FaelixxsRevenge
                    You're crazy and no one really cares about your nonsense
                    What part about Fascism is nonsense?


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                      Originally posted by Vanilla Gorilla
                      If you go there will be trouble

                      But, on the other hand, if you stay it will be double
                      i wanted this to be stuck in my head after reading this thread title, but i quoted chumbawamba earlier so unfortunately that song has been irrevocably stuck in my head since then.


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                        I still think he should run his own board. That way he will have something to post on. He will be able to get many people to come over to his forum.


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                          Originally posted by Vanilla Gorilla
                          If you go there will be trouble

                          But, on the other hand, if you stay it will be double
                          That made me laugh


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                            Yo dawg
                            The pit was created because you asked for it.
                            I dont understand the problem. Post your fascist stuff there, if you don't then its going to get moved there anyways. Feel free to join in other conversations when you have something non-fascist related to say.
                            the end


                            • Din Djarin
                              Din Djarin commented
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                              I thought the pit was 6-eyed s idea?

                            • Meliai
                              Meliai commented
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                              Din Djarin I dunno who asked for it first, but they both requested a troll area for different reasons

                            • Amerijuanican
                              Amerijuanican commented
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                              Yes it was Six's idea.. a pretty good one too.

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                            My option isn't there either. "Stay and become less self-important." I think the real reason you're talking about leaving is because you cling to your ideology as though it were your identity, and you fear it changing.

                            You're not going to get what you're after anywhere, though. I like you. I think you're fun. So I hope you stay.

                            You must realize that you can't, in earnest, spread your religion without being a phony about it. Even if you go to a right-wing authoritarian page, the Karens will probably say, "Get this faggot out of here." (Not to accuse you of being gay. Anything that isn't a stereotypical male is gay to right-wing authoritarian Karens.)

                            So you're stuck with a hodgepodge of stoners.