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    In case you didn’t know, Ford is releasing the new Mustang which is an electric crossover utility family car.

    As a mustang owner myself it kinda pisses me off in a way. Ford is tarnishing the brand by throwing it on a family car that doesn’t bear much resemblance to the Mustang’s heritage.

    Sure, it worked out ok for sports car brands like Porsche and Lamborghini to put their brands on crossovers and SUVs. But unlike those sports car brands, the Mustang itself isn’t a standalone company. Porsche and Lamborghini have variety in their line up of sports cars (and now sedans and crossovers). Mustang is a type of model of a Ford car. They made only one mustang body style for every year since 1964. The Mach-E is a freak misfit that’s not going to do any favors to the mustang brand. Imagine if Chevrolet released a Corvette or Camaro SUV? It simply won’t work!

    Alas, I can see why Ford made this decision. They want to compete with Tesla’s lineup of family cars. And they needed to do it by releasing a car from an exciting brand. Other electric competitors of Tesla haven’t done well in sales by comparison; the Chevy Volt, BMW I3, and Jaguar I-pace for example. So rather than making an electric Ford branded car, or inventing a risky new brand name, Ford took their exciting sporty brand everyone knows and made an electric Tesla knock-off out of it.

    But I would’ve done things much differently. Why not resurrect the retired Thunderbird brand of luxury sports cars, and make an electric sports car AND electric crossover SUV under the Thunderbird name?

    Thunder -> Lightning -> Electricity!

    It would have been so much smarter to do it that way. Everyone knows Thunderbird, and there’s no way of risking the damage of the car’s heritage since it’s been on hiatus for almost 15 years now. People would be happy to see a once exciting brand like Thunderbird make a comeback as something new and different. Mustang owners however, are a lot more traditional.

    I have no problem with an electric mustang. The name Mach-E belongs on a sports car though.
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    I couldn't agree with you more! Call it a Galaxie, a Fairlane a Falcon anything but a Mustang!


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      Remember the Mustang II? I think it was just a Pinto.


      • 6-eyed
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        That little POS made Motortrend's Car of the Year 1974.

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      Close but fancier.


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        Looks like the ugly child of a Mazda CX and a Tesla


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          I am a huge Ford fan. This is another mistake though