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What do you miss the most about life before 'rona?

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  • What do you miss the most about life before 'rona?

    I miss festivals. Going to festivals and vibing with strangers like they've always been my life long friends.

    Even though bars are open in my state, I miss sitting at the bar counter and chilling with the service staff and other patrons at the bar counter.

    People used to be much nicer too. Sees like people have gotten more rude and standoffish with their mysphobia. There's always an occasional Covid Karen who gets bitchy when you're not 10 feet away.

    I hate masks too.

    I miss guys-nights-out. This includes going to pubs, nightclubs, live music, stripclubs, and parties.

    Thanks to covid, I had 2 huge business trips canceled. I looked foreward to going to the Middle East, and to Texas for a week for work.

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    i miss chinese buffet lunches

    other than that im fairly introverted and kind of like the way people give more space now


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      random sex.


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        I miss the silver screen, and my pony, Boris.


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          What I really miss? Baseball. A hot dog, a beer, and a bag of peanuts, listening to the crack of the bat, the stadium lights turning on at sunset as the vendor cries "Get your peanuts!" Drinking a pop and carrying my mitt, hoping to get it signed by Pistol Pete or catch a foul ball at the crack of the bat. Yes, baseball.


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            Training at the boxing gym. I miss the people there.


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              all cancelled plus about ten gigs at our local venue and three weekends away


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                Family birthday parties


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                  Yeah festivals, music, dancing.
                  And my favourite cafe in the village shop is not reopened and I really miss going in there for coffee, writing, random chats with other people.. Both acquaintances and strangers.


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                    I also mainly miss concerts and festivals. Bars can still be visited here, although they're temporarily closed at 10 pm. But for the longest time during the rona (well after the first few months) they weren't. Plus it was summer and I rather hit a terrace anyway.
                    I still chill with my homies every now and then, just a bit less often. I see one mate 2 times a week (on evenings before work days), I can easily understand that others who have to refrain from all that are getting a difficult time sooner or later. But 1) I rarely get bored on my own, and 2) the real life interactions with friends and family I do have are sufficient


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                      The most basic thing. Going to the supermarket without waiting in line to get in, and taking my time to buy ingredients when I cook. I saw a comedian a couple of months ago who said of life during COVID, "Going to the store is now is like pulling a bank job. You put on your mask, you get in, you get your stuff and you get out."

                      Otherwise. My life hasn't changed much. I work nights as an income caregiver. Since I'm an essential worker I haven't lost any work. Isolating is easy for me since when most people were going home from work, I was going to work, when most people were either going out or home in bed, I was working or heading home, I already washed my hands frequently, and coughed or sneezed into my elbow. So besides masks in stores or on public transportation, nothing has really changed for me.

                      Rev J


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                        Here in my town I rarely have to wait at the supermarket. And I don't really mind the social distancing in there or on the streets.

                        As long as we can still visit eachother in our own houses in limited amounts but still, I'm ok in my daily routine too. But now the numbers are rising exponentially here again a short but rigid lockfown is considered. We shall see. I'm all for it as I'm not in denial about the consequences if we do not. Even bar owners here call for a rigid lockdown, it suits them better to close down for 2 months than to be open with a lot of limitations.


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                          Going out @ night- I mean, come on America, I'm a fuckin' night owl. Always have been.

                          I like going to gentleman's clubs (yes, they let me in, too. lol)

                          And to see bands playing in nightclubs. Hell I can't even go to walmart late.

                          Cramping my style.
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