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Addictive drugs destroy you!

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  • Addictive drugs destroy you!

    When I'm high on meth I defend it's use because it got me off alcohol which was worse.

    Never use it. Can you function without it? Good, keep it that way.

    I don't think there is a way to use it in moderation. I kid myself into thinking I was moderating it cuz I was doing a dime a day on average...sometimes.

    But come to think of it. I would always do what I could afford. Whatever I had.

    I thought I was just using a more powerful version of instant coffee. Not true.

    Meth doesn't kill you like alcohol, but it still kills you in other ways. Never try it. Not even once.

    Don't be another casualty of an epidemic worse than Covid, the most commonly abused stimulant in the world.

    The only addictive drug I recommend is caffeine.

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    I think meth is cool from what you said. I'm gonna do meth. I want to work hard.


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      Alcohol caused problems with the law and fighting, DXM and PCP, and marijuana caused delusions.

      So switching to a rather small amount of meth (gram a week) seemed to be sobriety.

      It seemed like an elevated version of sobriety with more energy and no depression.

      Don't buy the same counterfeit.


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        Originally posted by neonspectraltoast
        I think meth is cool from what you said. I'm gonna do meth. I want to work hard.
        If you do a small amount of it prior to working it will improve your performance, then it becomes God or your Dictator, next thing you know you can't work or clean your house, or water your spiders without it.

        Nah, you can still care for spiders. They only need me to catch them a roach once every two weeks and need little water and don't ever stink up the cage.

        My Spiders still think I'm King shit regardless. I wish you were excited to see me as they when I have a fresh roach.