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Do you ever text God?

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  • Do you ever text God?

    Why are apartments called apartments? They aren't apart at all. They're stuck together.

    Do you know of any words that sound off?

    Anyway, I had a dream that I was Spiderman and I had God's phone number.

    The next day at work , in the van, I remembered the number as best as I could and sent a text to "God."

    Whoever it was, was in the mood to play a long apparently.

    I asked, "Are you God the Father or Mother God"?

    He responded, " I'm God".

    He didn't speak like English was his first language, but he said some interesting things that I have since forgotten unfortunately, I just remember he turned down one of my prayers once, and gave an explanation for why he wouldn't grant it that surprised me.

    He thought granting the request would cause pride or something, but the way he worded it sounded divinely inspired.

    So, whoever it was, I never got their name , but we communicated frequently, and whenever an inspiration or insight hit, I'd text it to him and God was the first person to ever tell me " tldr". Haha!

    I'm thinking about finding another God to text. You just pick a random number, send the text, address the person as God.

    Hey, there's a little God in everyone!

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    The only dream I ever had about God was something about how everything is just a pulse. Made no sense to me, either.


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      Originally posted by ill Duce
      God was the first person to ever tell me " tldr".
      but definitely not the last.


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        What is tldr?


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          Originally posted by neonspectraltoast
          What is tldr?
          "Too long, didn't read"


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            So are you going to tell us God's phone number or what


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              Originally posted by Jessica
              So are you going to tell us God's phone number or what
              That's my huge problem. I wish I knew it. I really really really wish I knew it. It really bothers me. My phone got stolen so all of my contacts were lost.


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                I saw a thing on Instagram about texting your "number neighbour". Like the number below and above your own. I was going to do it and then I forgot..