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I got schooled, owned!

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  • I got schooled, owned!

    It's fun making fun of Biden and sometimes painfully embarrassing to watch him speak in front of all those people.

    Anti-Biden Memes saying "Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated" and the different facial expressions he's caught making are hilarious and fun to share.

    But then a voice began to infuse a wave of wise corrections. Typically if it's wise and telling me I'm a hypocrite, that is coming from a source greater than myself.

    Unknown entity:

    "Should you be making fun of an old man with Dementia? That could easily be you and worse with your drug abuse and traumatic head injury.

    Ever heard of "respect your elders. Honor senior citizens?"

    C'mon Matt. Look at you. What are you doing that puts you in a position to criticize anyone? You can't hold a job, gobble up tax payers dollars, panhandle, then spend 90% of your cash on Methamphetamine.

    You have been in and out of jail so many times you lost count since age 12, were raised ( beginning at age 10) in psychiatric wards, group homes, foster care, and just got off probation for stabbing a man twice in the chest with a butcher knife, that should have put your ass in prison for 10 years ( beings that you candidly told him you were going to kill him.)

    Who are you to cast the stone at Muslims? You showed up at an Islamic mosque reaking like alcohol in Buffalo New York. You lied to the Palestinian immigrant who smelled it on you just to make it worse.

    Then you showed up again while they were reciting the Koran and fell asleep snoring out loud and being completely disrespectful. A Muslim smiled and put his arm around you.

    You called the prophet Muhammad a cocksucker and pedophile in front of multiple Muslims in jail when the terrorist attacks killed over a 100 in France, and they forgave you after politely asking you to keep such thoughts to yourself.

    Yet you wrote songs about making a mushroom cloud over Mecca, running the west bank through with Israeli tanks, and show no objections to the hundreds of thousands of Muslim children killed and disfigured by American bombs in your lifetime.

    While being restrained at the mental hospital, you noticed some Samoli immigrants and growled and hissed that everything they hold as sacred is most repulsive and savage.

    Yet who smiled at you so many times (looking so humble and modest it brightened up your whole day with a simple smile) and handed you spare change when you were homeless. Samoli immigrants, typically female, in hijab.

    You yourself admit they would make better wives than the typical western or European woman, and modesty is a virtue you can appreciate despite your love for bikinis and slutty western fashion."

    (Alright, I know, it's not just the west, but still, Russia, Europe, Jews, and Americans, are primarily responsible for miniskirts, bikinis, thongs, and immodest fashions that Muslims respond to with rage and violence.

    I won't put a woman through the misery of marrying me, but I'd choose one of these Samolian immigrants for a wife over the vast majority of Westernized women.)

    The voice continues:

    You have given Muslims reason to attack you. Yet the bruises and scabs that were on your face this summer while promoting Fascism , were not from Muslims.

    Your fractured and dislocated arm was from a white Minneapolis police officer after you screamed you were covid positive and reached in your pocket shouting that you had a gun.

    . They could have easily gotten away with killing you, and were you black, it's more likely they would have, all things considered.

    The surgery on your shoulder was from a drunken bike wreck.

    Your broken pelvis, other broken arm, torn meniscuses, arthritis, concussion, broken back, fractured knee, and broken ribs weren't from Muslims, Antifascists, blacks, or anyone but you, entirely self-inflicted and not accidental.

    And where does the money to keep putting you back together come from, but responsible taxpayers who work hard and barely have anything after paying for food, bills, and taxes that are wasted on countless people living the lifestyle you have chosen.

    In Saudi-Arabia people get eight years in prison for a tweet or get crucified, beheaded, or a hand amputated for offenses you wouldn't even get a day in jail for where you live. You have been caught shoplifting enough times you wouldn't be able to wipe or feed yourself because you wouldn't have hands (pulling that shit over there.)

    You can't blame your Father for kidnapping you and taking you to a different country. You can't blame Dad being absent, can't blame your mother for being a liberal , or letting the house become a moral cesspit from too much freedom.

    There are five kids in your family raised without a Dad, and in an environment without restrictions on immoral entertainment. Your older brother is a Doctor in the air force, married, with children.

    Your younger sister is a Doctor as well and happily married. Other two siblings not quite as impressive, but have a house, vehicle, spouse, and children they support without food stamps.

    So, looks like it wasn't Moms fault or the fault of liberalism that left you in the ghetto age 33, never having owned a car, more time behind bars than free, eating food off the sidewalk, (trading food stamps for meth so that you are beginning to look like a Holocaust victim with your ribs poking out and your belly getting stuck to your backbone).

    It is impressive to fools that you are indeed fearless enough to beg someone in the ghetto to shoot you and post Fascist propaganda on the outside of your door, call a man twice your size the N word, walk onto a train with pictures of Donald Trump giving the ten commandments to Moses, and telling people you're raising money to turn America into a Fascist Dictatorship.

    Living with impoverished minorities and the highest concentration of Samoli Muslims in America, in the city where George Floyd was murdered , you do the Fascist salute, and even tell black people they are benefitting from slavery , so that they aren't swatting flies in a mud hut in Kenya.

    No Spirit that is wise and noble is impressed. You entertain malevolent, selfish, sadistic, and destructive spirits that either don't care about your well-being or hate you.

    Fearlessness can be a very Fascist virtue. But time to admit, you love danger and live for pain when you're on drugs.

    When you don't have your meth, you sleep 20 hours a day like a big baby.

    Those Samoli's on the train were impressed with the white boy asking, "could you please tell me where the most dangerous stop is to get off as a white person at this time of night".

    Had they known how much PCP you were on to create fearless indifference to danger, pain, and death, prior to that, or the YouTube's you uploaded , they probably would have kicked your ass and stolen your phone instead of buying you drinks and taking you out to eat because of a false, deceptive , drug-induced appearance that wasn't genuine.

    You overcame arachnophobia after being tormented for years with nightmares of creatures with silk coming out of their butts, more than two eyes, hair, eight long legs, diabolical grins, fangs, venom, watching, lurking, lunging, growling, squealing, squeaking as you rip all their legs off and have to remove the fangs from your flesh like slivers.

    Nothing was so horrifying of anything under the sun that God and evolution could come up with.

    You love those spiders now, especially the most aggressive and venomous. But after overcoming your fear, you immediately antagonized the boy who screamed at the spider in your hand.

    That kind of cries up to heaven for vengeance, because of how much it resembles the parable of the man who was forgiven a great debt, then beat someone immediately who owed him a smaller debt.

    It isn't the same, but just as shameful in the eyes of the wise omnipresent, all-seeing Fascist entities that control the Universe, that are quite sick of being restrained from giving you what justice is crying out for.

  • #2

    We, your Kami , have invested in you , and restrain the arm of perfect justice from striking you, letting you get 11 months in jail for an undeniable premeditated attempted murder charge , where you announced before hand your intentions, and had enough criminal offenses including violence against peace officers, that easily you should have gotten the maximum sentence.

    The arm is getting too heavy for us to restrain , because you're pissing off the Fascist Party in the Old Testament that used to take ( even children) guilty of a small fraction of the debt you acquired with your (adult) shenanigans, and stone them to death publicly.

    You of all people knows there is one government alone that God ever inspired, and it was a Fascist Dictatorship that took the promised land through scorched earth policies that Dictators like Joshua carried out even to the point of letting not a single child or infant escape the sword.

    You promote Fascist forces , when it is precisely those entities that demand your destruction.

    Christ was bruised, battered, crowned with thorns, stood naked before humanity to be spit on , mocked, crucified, and take the punishment and debt upon himself.

    The Sawdust Caesar atoned for his sins and the sins of humanity through the greatest public desecration , mockery, and savage treatment of any 20th century leader or war criminal, despite being innocent of war crimes, and having no involvement in or even knowledge of the Holocaust, (publicly renouncing Nazi scorched earth policies, disobeying Nazi orders to round up Jews, helping Jews flee the country, even qualifying as a hero of the Holocaust in a way.)

    He had a lot to atone for, but also a mission to atone for the sins of other people, drink the last bitter drop from the Cup of Gethsemane, wear the humiliating crown of thorns, and be displayed upside down like Peter the first Pope, denied Christian burial by the Vatican State he created, because that is how God wants his friends to be treated. It's why God doesn't have more friends.

    Benito Mussolini is one of many contenders who precisely keep the wrath of the Greatest Dictator that ever was, (Yahweh), from striking the earth with scourges that make World War 2 look mild.

    Rebecca, the women of Jerusalem, the Israeli defense force girls, (including the Virgin Mary )pull the right strings, shed many tears, make sacrifices, prepare the Father's favorite gifts, dish, and wine, then give their devotees credit for their work.

    They console him, intoxicate him, calm his wrath, bring him joy, manipulate him, even break his very rules for their beloved devotees (Mussolini) , then say, "let the curse be on me , not my beloved."

    There are multiple Fascist entities, like the Angel of death which mercilessly killed the innocent first-born of Egypt, ( some of them toddlers who had done nothing wrong) that will show no pity.

    Like the Gestapo death squadron, they take their orders and show not any sign of pity or compassion.

    When you are a hypocrite , or indulge in really ugly, gross, cowardly, shameful behavior, it does cry out for vengeance.

    The debt you have been forgiven is far greater than what the vast majority of people have been forgiven, so you need to be very careful when it comes to judging, hating, or even criticizing people.

    It resembles the person who was forgiven a great debt, then beat someone with a lesser debt. It cries out for vengeance and no more mercy.

    If you point out the speck in someone else's eye or dare try to remove it, when you have a plank in your own eye, this also cries out for vengeance, because it is despicable.

    Jesus was a friend of sluts, drunkards, tax collectors, thieves, lunatics, demoniacs, (and you better bet he had homosexual friends as well). Who he was constantly keeping as company was a cause of scandal with religious people.

    The people Jesus couldn't stomach were hypocrites, self-righteous, and the proud.

    Back to Biden and the Democrats, it isn't even close to being your place to rebuke them or make fun of them or anyone.

    We can stomach your drug-addiction, despite us preferring you would face sobriety like you faced your spider fear. You might learn sobriety is the ugliest and most intimidating spider , but nicer than all of them.

    Just as Jesus could stomach whores, thieves, and drunkards, he can handle a tweaker. It is a sin of weakness , not a sin of malice.

    Unforgiveness though will lay waste to you , because it is impossible for providence to forgive you if you haven't forgiven others.

    Smoking meth is a venial sin compared to the mortal sins of hate, unforgiveness, self-righteousness, hypocrisy, harsh judgments, and condemnation.

    Keep it up and yea shall be fucked!

    ​​​​But yeah, to sum it all up. What makes me any better than Biden or Nancy Pelosi?