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When is a war of aggression acceptable?

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    When is a war of aggression acceptable?

    At what point is military intervention a burden and obligation when practices get extremely barbaric in another country?

    When I saw how barbaric the Taliban were to women in Afghanistan, I thought bringing women's rights to that country was almost justification alone.

    Here is how women had to dress in Afghanistan before American invasion:
    Click image for larger version

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    That is worse than death for an entire gender.

    And they do crazy shit like mutilate faces or amputate a nose

    Click image for larger version

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    At what point do more civilized societies have a burden and obligation to step in and put an end to savage barbaric practices?

    The Ethiopian Empire that Mussolini attacked was guilty of some of the most barbaric atrocities and slavery. If they would just shoot, bayonet, or quickly behead their captives, I wouldn't complain much. But anytime people start amputating limbs, cutting off genitals, cutting off each finger, cutting off hands and feet, that shit really bothers me.

    After the battle of Adwa, the Ethiopian Empire had 800 black prisoners who were helping the Italians. All of them without a single exception had a hand and a foot amputated.

    Could you imagine what it feels like to get a hand and foot amputated while you are conscious? Then could you imagine never being able to walk again and having the use of only one hand! The Ethiopian Empire did that shit to their slaves as well.

    Benito Mussolini and Italian Fascists abolished slavery in Ethiopia, abolished barbaric practices like limb amputations and genital mutilation which the Ethiopians were famous for. The Italians brought Ethiopia better healthcare and education.

    After his march on Rome, economic miracles, and creation of Vatican City state, I would say the conquest of Ethiopia was the next greatest achievement of Mussolini, and Ethiopia was better off as an Italian colony, Roman Empire.

    But anyway, if people are cutting off noses, amputations limbs, crucifying people like they do in Saudi Arabia, telling women they have to dress like Darth Vader or ghosts, telling women they can't drive or get an education, stoning adulterers , and behaving like total primitive savages, at what point is a war of aggression against such a nation or regime the right thing to do in your opinion?

    The dude that ordered her nose clipped-

    They should get him down and tattoo " I SUCK" on his forehead. LOL


      This would be a good task for the UN.