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Are you God?

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  • Are you God?

    I'm assuming you're God.

    My tarantula is wide awake and exchanging bodily fluids with me.

    I just got bit by my Trinidad while I was practicing esoteric voodooism with a clown Tulpa. IMG_20201017_120841.jpg Nothing like a Trinidad bite in the morning.

    I hope she likes it as much as I do getting a Jewish boner and cumming in my pants.

    This is Zionism at it's grandest.

    Who killed my Christ? Did Jew?

    Jesus actually wanted to get eaten like a cricket when he gave his flesh and blood at the last supper.

    It's better than a double shot of coffee and Trinidad venom can prevent strokes and kill cancer cells.

    You don't understand how much I love this Jewish venom. I shall share Steve Irwin's fate.

    I say, "let tree fort forums evolve" into something more wicked than a clown.

    So the question still remains.

    Are you God?

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    Why did Jew make spiders you creepy son of a bitch! 6592466_0.jpg


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        on treefort i am.


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          God is everywhere
          mother moon -she's calling me back to her silver womb,
          father of creation -takes me from my stolen tomb
          seventh-advent unicorn is waiting in the skies,
          a symptom of the universe, a love that never dies!


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            Can you make a spider? No? Then shut up.


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              Originally posted by neonspectraltoast
              Can you make a spider?
              According to second grade art class I can.