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  • Cockroach appreciation thread

    The good news I just found out is that my cockroach infestation will survive the winter time, as roaches survive in arctic climates as well as the warmest climates on the equator.

    Why would I be happy that I have these prehistoric pests in my house?

    Well, it's simply because I have hungry mouths to feed. I want my Giant red leg tarantula especially to quit being so tiny and live up to her name. She eats every roach I throw in there as soon as it gets near her.

    That would be a real hassle to keep my pets well fed if it weren't for my cockroach infestation, because the pet shop is a long walk and train ride almost to Minneapolis to get crickets.

    The money spent on Crickets isn't the only issue. It's just a bitch going there and back to my house and it's a great blessing that I don't have to go there anymore.

    Also, cockroaches get larger than crickets. They are a more filling meal. My spiders seem to get more excited about roaches than crickets.

    Did you know, if there was a nuclear holocaust that made people go extinct, there is a high probability that cockroaches would survive it. They are a hardy animal.

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    Not a fan, you can pour a generous amount of diatomaceous earth powder on them and see how hardy they are.

    The stuff cuts through their exoskeleton and then dehydrates them from the inside.


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      Video of the spiders eating please..


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        The 80s movie, Creepshow (Stephen King)

        five- part movie, one part is about cockroaches.

        @ 1:14 ..
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          Originally posted by Osquirrell
          Video of the spiders eating please..
          I will try.

          Here is the problem. Do you know how difficult that is? My phone for some reason only films and records from one side. Meaning, only the camera facing me from the screen records, so when I hold the camera over the spider, I can't see what is exactly happening and being picked up on in the video.

          The other challenge is, typically when a spider has a cockroach, you are looking down at the spider, and the spiders eight legs and body and fangs cover up the roach entirely , so you can't really see what is going on. It's really important to have a light on your phone as well to get a good view, which I don't have for that side that works.

          The next challenge, is when my spiders are eating, that is precisely the only time I don't like to fuck with them or do anything that might startle them . When a creature larger than the spider makes the spider feel threatened while he has prey in his fangs, the spider can abandon the prey and become really cautious of eating future roaches.

          I'm just saying it is hard to do because also , when the spider grabs prey, he often hugs it with all of his eight legs and fangs and you can't really see the prey. My spiders that build webs and tunnels often drag their prey into the web and tunnel.

          But the biggest challenge right now is just my phone really sucks, and the only half that lets me record videos, is the more challenging half where you can't see what is being recorded.


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            Interesting. I like that relationship you have with them.