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Laying siege to God's Capitol

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    Laying siege to God's Capitol

    I'm saying IF I had it my way I'd be God essentially omnipotent and would do what I said in a previous OP.

    Hurting people is something I want to avoid, but I do want one world Religion and one world government and know with certainty that I am more merciful and compassionate and kind than God.

    So I want me to be in charge of a one-party state one-world benevolent Dictatorship, one-world Global Theocracy, one-world currency because it would relieve suffering worldwide.

    Most Christian conspiracy theorists who write about the Antichrist's New world order would say that sounds extremely like an Antichrist agenda.

    Almost identical , because I want to call one world government "New world order of Rebecca" and "Holy Roman Empire".

    I also call The Kingdom of God, "The Holy Roman Empire", and the Antichrist comes from "the city of seven hills" (Most commonly referring to Rome).

    Its because I'm part Roman Catholic, the Roman Empire is an obsession of mine which my dream is of it resurrecting again with greater borders than Genghis Kahn's Empire, the entities I pray to are many, so to invoke them all I just call them "Holy Roman Empire", My favorite leader in history had his headquarters in Rome (not a Pope), my favorite Saint " Francis of Assisi ", the main European Union building is named after the founder of the Holy Roman Empire, (Charlemagne building, the EU gives out Charlemagne prizes, EU magazine has Charlemagne page, so I call EU, Holy Roman Empire. I consider Russia to be the third Roman Empire, Napoleon Bonaparte was final Holy Roman Emperor of the 2nd Reich. and a long list of why America is another Roman Empire , beginning with Capitol hill coming from Capitoline Hill, one of the seven hills of Rome.

    I just don't want people to take the mark of the beast , but I would encourage people in certain vocations like the military to receive a computer chip under their skin so that we can find out where they are at all times and the chip would contain their insurance, driver's license info, birthday, social security number, birth certificate, bank account info, and medical records, but I would not force anyone to receive the chip , and if they ever wanted it removed, I'd make sure that it was an easy cheap procedure to do so.

    I'd have the government pay for chips to be inserted into certain pets, because I see lost dog signs everywhere in the Twin cities and the chip could tell you where your dog is.

    Okay, now that I answered that question, the reason for this thread. It isn't a blog, it's a debate, it will be a collection of grievances for God and his Empire (Heaven + Purgatory) to read, because I don't desire to be perfect for eternity or worship the God we currently have.

    If you are not Christian, Muslim, or Jewish, I might have the same grievances against your God if he's omnipotent, because if he's omnipotent then he is responsible for all agony, because even with free will as it is, he still could stop suffering or at least extreme forms of it worldwide.

    This will sound foolish to many , but the primary purpose of it is I'm trying to recruit Angels and souls in Heaven, Spirits, and Kami to rebel against God, because I'm recruiting a Church primarily of Supernatural entities to inspire me, ally themselves with me, and join me in a march on God's Capitol.

    I notified these Spirits that I have an tree fort account where they can receive my messages for them via this thread and have asked them to notify all Kami (spirits) that might be interested.

    I don't like the Devil but Eisenhower and Churchill hated Joseph Stalin. They still allied themselves with the Soviet Union.

    So I work with the Devil and sold my soul to him in 2017 in exchange for knowledge and power, but it was foiled and that same year jumped off a three story building breaking multiple bones and doing ten weeks in a wheel chair with head injury and urethra surgery that made me urinate blood clots larger than marbles.

    Was a long distance runner like forest Gump. It was my passion and shall never run cept for across a street type distances again.

    Near death experience brought me to repentance and spiritual awakening.

    It wasn't mine to sell ( Jesus seemed to say). It's a Patton Stalin type partnership though when I work with the Devil , because we have a common enemy.

    I'm willing to ally myself with an Empire I hate (fallen Angels and damned souls) to battle a common and possibly more destructive, narcissistic, jealous, cruel, irrational, dishonest enemy, "Yahweh".

    Jesus said "The Kingdom of Heaven has come under violent attack". This means you can lay siege to God's Kingdom , and so I call the supernatural entities that like my idea or who are somehow supporting or inspiring me " Holy Roman Empire ". Holy Roman Empire was a resurrection of the Roman Empire (the first Reich).

    Here was their Imperial banner:

    Which I keep a copy of.
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    I burn incense, turned a room into a Honden, enshrine them, have a kamidama, receive holy communion for them, offer them the treasures of Holy Eucharist, invoke them in Aramaic, French, Japanese, and ecclesiastical latin, (which I can prove during YouTube if you doubt me) because they told me to pray in those languages, and I years later learned why.

    I'll later explain why I receive Eucharist and pray Rosaries while declaring war on God. It makes perfect sense.

    Also, it isn't impossible for there to be a Rebellion in Heaven. It happened before, and the war still hasn't been resolved.

    I don't pray to Satan and am not the Antichrist. The Antichrist was the mass reading yesterday coincidentally on Friday the 13th 2020, and it said, " test the spirits. Spirits that confess Jesus is Lord are good. The Spirit of the Antichrist denies that Jesus has come in the flesh."

    Joseph Stalin , Paul Pot, and Mao qualify as Antichrists. I have met people that deny Jesus has come in the flesh. I don't think you are bad if you are one of them, but according to Scripture you are under the influence of an unseen entity inspiring your thoughts called "The Spirit of the Antichrist!"

    I confess Jesus is my Lord and Savior and I love Jesus, and if that isn't true, then may I die today, in Jesus Christ name! So, I'm not the Antichrist according to Scripture. I'm not even qualifying as one of the many Antichrists.

    The only people who would be forced to receive the chip (were I in charge) would be a small percent of extremely dangerous people, so that they would be under surveillance from my State Shinto Temple of Dionisia, headquarters of the New World order of the Global Israeli defense force initiative in Rome and Mount Zion (God's Capitol hill in Heaven). Sounds foolish, but not as foolish as Scripture

    I'd not just control earth but would be the temporary Duce (Duke. Leader) of Heaven after a successful peaceful march on Jerusalem with a leopard skin militia of contenders with God (Israel means contender with God) who put God on trial for his war crimes, baby killings, killing pregnant women and children, drowning the world, animal cruelty, genocide, stoning adulterers, annihilation of the ancient Sanfrancisco with fire and brimstone, turning lots wife into a pillar of salt for simply looking at a burning city, killing people for crimes as small as picking up sticks for firewood on Saturday in unethical, inhumane, scary, cruel forms of Capital punishment.

    I would defend and attempt to shield women from God's brutal , cruel, irrational misogyny,
    like making them be tortured throughout pregnancy and childbirth , die during childbirth (birth pains and pregnancy deaths were God's wrath against women because Eve ate an apple.

    If Eve would have all her descendants be cursed to misery and death for an apple, What would she do for a Klondike bar ?​ ).

    My other reason for making this thread is that you dare to debate me if you think God in Scripture has more merciful plans than me if I become God.

    I could do a better job than Biblical God and Allah were I omnipotent and actually prove it with evidence, facts, and all I need is "the Bible Alone, to prove that the Bible alone, proves that Spiderman is more kind, compassionate, understanding, humble, nonviolent, sensitive, innocent, meek, less jealous, less bigoted, more altruistic, more just, and less lazy.

    I love God, he just needs to go on trial and do some time in a rehabilitation, reeducation camp, and be incarcerated to protect people from his jealousy, hatred, sadism, obvious sins against the ten commandments, and wrath!

    If God gets to punish us for breaking his rules, we should get to punish him for breaking his rules even more than anyone like (Thou shall not kill).

    God killed more babies than any abortion Doctor in Scripture alone, then killed far more babys and pregnant women not mentioned in Scripture, so technically he's also the most dangerous abortion Doctor with the highest kill count of any leader in our history books.

    He broke his rules and he lied, which I can prove Yahweh is a pathological liar from Scripture.

    We need to love and forgive God and I rebuke myself and anyone who hates God. I think hatred is drinking poison.

    We need to love a very sick God and help him reform, evolve, change, work on being honest, and possibly give us a new Bible, new covenant, and have the old recycled.

    You're more likely to catch a fly with honey than vinegar (thou I tried vinegar this summer and it still works for fruit flies ​ ) so try and be nice to never hate God or get angry. Be the bigger man or woman and don't fall into God's errors and we can better win this war.

    I pray for you Satan, Lucifer, Morning star, light bearer, Demons, malevolent spirits, or damned souls in the forces of Hell who are reading this. Accept my invitation Lucifer and all entities and let's recruit Kami to stir up Rebellion in Heaven and we can better do so if we prove that we are more rational, sane, meek, less bloodthirsty, nicer beings than he is.

    To be continued.....

    No I'm not a Satanist but an Israeli (Israeli means contender with God)


      God made women unclean and kicked out of the house for vaginal discharges, when he invented menstruation in the first place, so he consequences them for his invention so he is actually the one being unclean and if you add that to some of the other things God invented, he's actually more creepy than I am.

      I can't create like God can, but if I could there would be no hunger , rape, slavery, or suffering anywhere, not even in hell.

      People would have freedom to do whatever they wanted like murder, but there would be no confusion, mental illness, immature adult brains, neurotransmitter deregulation, hormone imbalances, or evil spirits tempting people.

      I'd give people Gold and invent euphoric things to ingest or smoke that are good for you as vitamin B-12 and you can't OD from. Your body simply takes what it needs to get high and urinates out the rest.

      Those two factors would greatly lessen crime.

      Keep in mind that my desire to march on God's Capitol is to get him to step down as prime minister, concede to a man more merciful and just and rational than himself, and that the law of perfect mercy, perfect justice, and perfect charity will force God to step down for a time to go to a place of rehabilitation.

      God is sick and so he doesn't deserve prison, he simply is mentally ill but he can heal. I call him ill Duce (Sick Leader) because he wanted his only son to be brutally tortured, humiliated, mutilated, and executed so that people would be covered in his blood to protect them from himself. Really???

      And he says we are lifeless if we don't chow down on his flesh, drink his blood, and carry a cross daily. A cross is an instrument of torture.

      This isn't relevant but just sayin that I'm just joking when I say creepy stuff usually. God is actually serious.

      (I put a big spider on a girls desk after worshipping the ground she walked on and kissing her feet and told her "My Chinese Zodiac is a bunny. My patron Saint , Denise Naslund calls me Ted Bunny. Will you accept her as your goddess of wine, intoxication, and religious Ecstasy (Denise means Dionysus)? What do you mean you don't have a favorite Ted Bundy Victim.

      You have nice skin that I cant wait to wear some day and you have pretty eyes that would look nice in a jar on my desk, so I could look at them all day. Muahahaha!

      I like my women like I like my fish, in an air tight bag in the freezer. Oh sovereign Leah, will you marry me?")

      I was just joking when I say creepy stuff like that and realize that's not the most tactful way to impress a girl you like , (but years later I continued to try to get with her and show up where she worked which resulted in a restraining order that made police and others laugh

      Just so you know, I'm a Republican like Ted Bundy , not the best God for women's rights but much nicer to women than God BY FAR!!! Ted Bundy was nicer to women than God. God is mean as hell to women. Just read up on how God put his wife Israel into slavery for hundreds of years and all the times he called her a whore and expressed delight in her enemies ravaging her.

      The only thing that stopped God from slaughtering his bride Israel in the wilderness after getting her out of the slavery and bondage he kept her in was Moses told God that was a stupid idea and Scripture says , "Ted" (a name derived from Theo meaning God or Theodore meaning Gods gift) I mean "God repented of the evil he planned on doing to Israel".

      One man, Moses, saved God from wiping more than 95% of Jews off the planet by simply standing in the gap and fighting with God, essentially tell God his plans suck, but do it like a defense attorney or public defender before the biggest *** hole of a judge you ever worked with in court.

      God had an only son, not a daughter which is lame because she probably would have been hot and looked nicer on a crucifix , who only had male Apostles, lame, only had male levitical priesthood, lame, all male Papacy, lame, left us originally with a Christian Church that had only male Bishops, priesthood, all-boy club, lame, Kane, lame Mr. God!

      I know he's reading this. If you strike me with lightening or kill me it just shows you're a wimpy crybaby who lacks the courage to enter into a dialogue with me and get schooled in front of all your boyfriends!


        So a dark sense of humor is necessary to relieve suffering worldwide, so I'd permit comedies to have bizzare stuff including blasphemy , but I'd have a censored media and entertainment industry where you can't start saying "God is a ****ing [Censored] " because I love God and we should love the mentally ill, jealous, proud, narcissistic, and cruel tyrants that drowned their babies and kill 10 out of 10 people they meet (God killed your great grandmother and will kill you for crimes you are innocent of because someone ate a piece of fruit)

        But back to my comments to the girl I want to marry, when God says or does that kind of stuff he isn't joking , and I can prove it just by opening up the Bible.

        It's a sadistic book that any psychiatrist would label "Psychopathic" if it were written by me during one of my recent trips to Saint Joseph's insane asylum.

        If everybody wanted war, I'd let them fight war and make it fun dying rather than let there be suffering.

        Because if I told them they can't have wars, that would increase their suffering , because bore-dome can lead to addictions, psychotic behavior, crime, and suicide.

        So if they want war, granted. Everyone enjoys the adrenaline rush, the loud noises, broken bones feel almost orgasmic, getting shot and loosing your blood will give you religious Ecstasy, being tortured in a POW camp will make you more wise and sorrow, tears, death of loved ones feels good.

        All the while, I'd notify Heaven and earth that I have an RF account and would daily post on RF like Trump Tweets to his followers that "I'd prefer you guys stop killing each other and would rather God's creatures were living full lifespans and not dropping so many bombs on my forests and jungles that they now look like craters on the moon).

        What's my point? I'm saying I just proved I could do a better job than God.

        No, I didn't just say it. I proved it! and the force in our galaxy behind common sense says, " no duh!". Or at least is my witness.

        Yeah, I'm not being humble so "please Jesus make me the most humble God in the world" but God isn't humble either.

        God says , "Nothing unclean shall enter my Kingdom". That is a tighter immigration policy than Donald Trump , and extremely bigoted.

        Everyone I meet is unclean so we are cut off from God's Kingdom. If we die tommorow, " we be ****ed!"

        I love Jesus because he taught the opposite of what Yahweh taught like "turn the other cheek, let he who has not sinned cast the first stone, love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you". Jesus even loved and forgave the people who stripped him down naked to be flogged, spit on, mocked, crowned with thorns, and nailed to a bit of wood. He begged his wrathful Father to exonerate them.

        But still, Jesus needs to do some time and be put on trial for some of his sins, racism, narcissism, and misogyny. He lied. Lying is against the ten commandments.

        He said " if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out ". I'm actually really pissed about that because I knew a fellow patient in a psyche ward personally who had a pornography problem and when his mother died, he decided he wanted to be with her again, and yet everywhere he went he'd see a girl in miniskirt, thong, bikini, short shorts, tight pants, lingerie, or something sexy and he was committing adultery with them because Jesus said, " you lust after a woman you are guilty of adultery".

        I love bikinis , so if God answers my prayer, Heaven will be full of them, and no need to lust , cuz everyone gets to experiment with a girl who gets to choose her body type, hair color, eye color, ethnicity, age etc.

        But if everyone wants to cuddle with the Emperor, I encourage you to all choose to be females ( I'm especially attracted to Jewish Israeli defense force girls


          Gay people that want to be straight will be healed, but if they want to be a female, I'm omnipotent.

          I absolutely love seeing girls get excited and do those gay things girls like to do but I'm not able to stomach the same behavior between two men, so I allow gay men to marry, do their stuff hidden though, or will create gay islands for men to publicly have gay parades, gay pride, and elect their gay Il Duce (leader), and they can hate me and declare independence, and I'll respect their Sovereignty and wish them eternal happiness and if they ever change their mind and want to be straight , I'll give them a beautiful wife even if I have to make her out of his rib (if women don't want him), and I'll simply give him a beautiful sexuality and a happy life.

          I'm a conservative Republican patriotic Roman Catholic Shinto, so I don't like gay parades and find faults with gay pride stuff I've seen, but my goal first and foremost is to eliminate suffering that all God's creatures be euphoric.

          Some souls in Heaven will suffer if they have to live with gays, so I'm going to do my best to stop that from happening by putting such people in cities of like minded people and finding happy places for gays.

          I actually pray to a dead ghost possee of gay people I call "martyrs." Because they are rejected by God and bullied by man, plus God is responsible for them being gay cuz many pray to God for healing and God's heart remains hard, stubborn, and cruel.

          I call them my "guardian fairys.".
          (Fairy is not an insult. They are spirit creatures of the woodlands and flowers, much like Angels actually, only they primarily care for plants rather than people. )

          So, in Heaven we would have a Fairy island archipelago. One would be for girls who hate men , the island of Lesbos. Islands where all gays are happy, euphoric, free, and do their thing."

          The reason I'm writing this book is because God is reading it and a lot of Angels, souls in Heaven, spirits, and Kami, will read at least some of it.

          If God afflicts me or kills me, better than bending the knee to an extremely sick mass murderer , abusive misogynist who kills pregnant women in massive numbers (Bundy was kind to women compared to the suffering Yahweh puts them through in the Bible alone) and baby killer.


            This isn't a troll thread, because everything I'm saying about Yahweh and Allah is factual , and the Bible and Qur'an speak loudly and clearly "Spiderman is right" , because both books provide all the evidence to make a slam dunk easy case against God which if God would enter a contest or debate with me he'd get owned and schooled in like 5 minutes before he just abused his omnipotence and legacy worse by killing me.

            So, what do ya say Mr. Allah and Yahweh? I'd own you in the ring with both hands tied behind my back (were it a debate about who is more merciful)

            To be continued..........

            Just bein silly. He could quickly kill me and I been trying to kill myself for years, so not worried about that. I even have YouTube's of me asking people to shoot me, throwing myself in front of and dancing on top of cars with drivers inside, stopping an oncoming train.

            I have ran up to police telling em I'm covid positive and have a gun in my pocket , trying to get them to pull out theirs and see what it feels like to get shot and maybe shake hands with a few of my overdose, suicide, or whatever friends in hell.

            Always wanted to meet Richard Ramirez.

            Jeff Dahmer accepted Jesus so he's in Heaven , but Anne Frank didn't , so she's in hell according to most Protestant denominations and evangelical Christians and according to some verses in the New Testament.

            I keep a picture of Ann Frank, and actually she's a name on a litany I recite after every time I receive holy communion, where I pray for her to have the first degree of beauty , power, glory, euphoria, and perfection.

            So, if the dead can be contacted and we can ever meet them, I'll be meeting Ann Frank because I pray for her almost daily. If she's in hell then I don't think it's noble or morally sound to kneel before and worship the God responsible for torturing a young Jewish girl and Holocaust victim forever, who didn't know with certainty what the truth was.

            Anne Frank and Meadow Pollack, let your spirits enter me. If you are reading this, place your Celestial Spirit chip in my brain to restrain my free will , exercise mind control over my chemistry, and make me your obedient servant and instrument.


              Show me how to place Jacob, Leah, Rachel, and all of their descendants into Abraham's bosom, paradise, or some nicer bosom than Abraham's, for all who have gone to the grave without knowledge of the Messiah , if indeed he came.

              Of that I have no certainty. I want both of you girls to be Saints now!

              I ask that you do for me something similar to what Rebecca did for Jacob, even break God's rules to steal graces, blessings, intelligence, and destiny from God and Esau.

              Show me how to enlighten people about the Rebecca mystery. Esau was the harder worker and the Father's favorite but by pleasing naughty Rebecca, she lied, deceived, schemed, manipulated, pulled the right strings, gave Jacob credit for her work , said "let the curse fall on me", and changed the destiny of the world more than any woman whoever walked the earth, yet most Theologians don't even talk about her or know what she did.

              Make me your obedient Jacob and I shall give you the world. Let any girl in Heaven, hell, or purgatory who wishes to have the vocation of Rebecca, be invoked when I pray to " Naughty Rebecca ".

              As Jacob fought all night with God and wouldn't let Yahweh go when Yahweh asked him to, show me how to properly fight with God and win as Jacob, the "contender with God " did.

              Paxet Bonum! Shalom!
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                Oh, that patient in the psyche ward who liked to check out girls. I forgot to mention. He plucked his eyes out and is permanently blind and can't even see the tray in front of him to know how to eat without someone helping him. All because Jesus said "if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out".




                    If you were omnipotent, couldn't you just rid yourself of all of your wants?


                      When you first get to Heaven, the first thing you notice is all the hot dead girls are wearing string bikinis, if anything at all, and all the ugly ones are dressed in robes and have their faces scribbled out.


                        Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post
                        When you first get to Heaven, the first thing you notice is all the hot dead girls are wearing string bikinis, if anything at all, and all the ugly ones are dressed in robes and have their faces scribbled out.
                        Everyone in Heaven is perfect and choose what they want to wear


                          And all the hot girls choose to go topless, but the ugly ones wear robes. And each man gets a nubile young virgin to fuck.