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Touched by an Angel who loves Hitler!

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    Touched by an Angel who loves Hitler!

    This is a long letter I'm linking to a new friend who totally made my day. She is pregnant and will be naming the baby Adolf.

    Greetings Erica Hitler, I leave that info for you because YouTube staff said if I get one more strike , I lose this channel.

    If that happens, email or text me.

    I don't expect you to read all this, but is information for my next video and a web page. It is extremely long but I couldn't make a YouTube so put it here.

    I'm burning candles and incense for you, Jakob, Jessica, and the baby in her womb, "Noble Wolf".
    Click image for larger version

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    (Baby she is naming Adolf meaning " Noble Wolf. She is a girl who has suffered much agony and Adolf Hitler has been a close companion who strengthens her.

    I spoke with her though. She loves Hitler's victims too.

    Yet I see her loving him, and Hitler is rehabilitating and changing through her love, and sweet desire to name the baby in her womb after a man no one can seem to forgive.

    Hitler can learn a lot from her.

    (He only committed his crimes to try and purge Europe of what he perceived to be a threat coming from the Soviet Union and Liberalism, as well as the destruction of the Aryan race through international unions, immigration, low fertility rate, contraceptives, abortion, and reversed discrimination through political correctness.

    Some of his prophecy actually came true.

    Let's not forget the Soviet Union was just as guilty as he was when they invaded Poland, yet we only declared war on Germany, when the Soviets did the same crime , and instead of Soviets getting a slap on the wrist, we gave them much of Germany , gave them Poland, and let them illegally conquer Eastern Europe and commit worse crimes than the Holocaust.

    Hitler only rose to power because of how powerful Communism was in Germany, and people needed a strongman and vicious German Shepherd to protect the flock from the Bolshevik wolves that were leading Germany into a red Revolution backed by the Soviet Union.

    Hitler should not have ordered the extermination of Jews, but some of his claims were undeniable.

    Hitler said the Jews on average were not patriotic, had no allegiance to Germany, followed Talmud that was Antichristian and says Jesus is son of a whore, boiling in excrement, etc.

    None of that can be denied. Hitler claimed Jews had no allegiance to Christianity or the cultural Religions of Europeans, but were intrinsically oppossed to them.

    Hitler claimed the Jews are racist. The Talmud and Old Testament is more racist than Nazi Germany. That isn't hate speech but extremely easy to verify as fact.

    Hitler said a disproportionate amount of Jews, 90%, were secular atheists who favored the Secularization of Europe and secretly supported, even if just in thought, Germany's enemy "Joseph Stalin".

    Hitler thought there were a disproportionate amount of Jews pushing pornography, hedonism, immorality, and entertainment that went against Christian morals, due to how secular they are, how antichristian the Talmud is, and the Jewish hold on the media, entertainment industry, the main means of mass communication , broadcasting, publishing, regarded collectively as having the jobs that influence people more on average, more money, control of Global banking cartels, and per capita more than anyone, and the Jewish names linked to chronic conspiracys, and Jewish support of Stalin.

    There was a large disproportionate amount of Jewish-friendly Communist regimes that secular Jews, and oddly even some Orthodox Jews proved to be worse than Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Fascist Japan, Fascist Spain, Fascist Chile, and every Fascist or right wing regime combined

    For instance, Communist regimes killed more than 15 times as many people as the Holocaust, and yet you would never know it (from what history books in school teach at least).

    In fact, Antifa gets away with waving flags of Regimes far worse than the Nazis, in public , in America, and no one beats their ass.

    Try wearing a shirt that simply has a picture of Mussolini, who didn't commit a single war crime, condemned racism, Abolished slavery like Abraham Lincoln, and did more to try and prevent World War 2 than Chamberlain.

    A man whose "Doctrine of Fascism says, " Don't be selfish. Love your neighbor ".

    Yet Chinese people wearing a picture of Mao who committed genocide against birds, killed 60 million people in his great leap forward (enough people that if such killings took place within the European Union, we would call it World War 3), Mao is worshipped throughout China, all over their money, his regime to this day encourages Chinese restaurants and hotels to be openly racist and not serve black people.

    And we respect and enable that bullshit. China creates fake food out of cardboard and toxic chemicals, even caught selling " Bacon" that was rat , and small pieces of fetal tissue in soup, beef that is not beef, but some other meat that tastes like beef because of the toxic chemicals used to flavor it.

    We should love the Chinese, but tell me how their regime , which enslaves and brainwashes everyone, suppressing all who dare expose the corruption, organ harvesting, etc.

    How is their regime not just as guilty of crimes against humanity as Nazi Germany?

    So, why don't we treat them like Nazi Germany.

    I see this type of shit in the Twin cities. I admit, it looks sexy on a chick. But swastikas are sexy too and a Holy Hindu symbol. Click image for larger version

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    To be continued.........

    Why in America, do we tolerate a hammer and sickle flag representing bloody torture, humiliation, death camps , and mass killings against people for not being atheist.

    Now, I'm sure Hitler also bought into lies exaggerating the threat coming from Jews, and hatred for an ethnicity is never okay.

    Yet all of the statements I just made are actually easy to prove true and impossible to prove false.


    I will have pictures of my shrine and prayers to the Fascist Dictators , the victims of Ted Bundy, the Capitol Hill Queens, and the candles and incense I'm burning for you all.
    Click image for larger version

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    To be continued.......


      If you think about it logically, and without bringing (understandable) human logic and emotion into it, the world would have been far better off if the Nazis and Hitz were allowed to let their final soulution come to pass, no creation of Israel, and the Middle East would be a far more peaceful place than it is now (certainly Al-Quad, ISIS etc wouldn't be around if this happened)

      Deep down,you all know I'm right.


        I'm especially praying for Jessica because it means the world to me that she wishes to name her baby after Adolf Der Führer of Germany.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	WolfMoon_1266442352.jpg Views:	0 Size:	59.0 KB ID:	57661
        I never enshrined Hitler because I don't agree with what he did, but Jessica's friendship with him really is precious to my heart, so I shall be including Hitler in my prayers because of multiple coincidences today involving multiple wolves, Capitoline Wolf, Ohio wolf, secret wolf head society, Click image for larger version  Name:	images (34).jpeg Views:	0 Size:	9.9 KB ID:	57662 a psychiatric ward patient who told me my spirit animal is a wolf, the Rome Wolf, Amaterasu the white Wolf who destroyed the greatest fleet ever destroyed in a single battle, of 140,000 Mongolians with a Divine Kamikaze wind that saved the Island Archipelago of warrior goddesses, and the wolf that followed Don Bosco , the " Clown of God", Click image for larger version  Name:	7d8.png Views:	0 Size:	119.4 KB ID:	57663 Click image for larger version  Name:	bcc3cee04de7da6bc188ef8bba27324e.jpg Views:	0 Size:	81.8 KB ID:	57664 and Saint Francis whom Mussolini made patron Saint of Italy taming the killer wolf.

        Saint Francis and Mussolini were called clowns in books often.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	clown-army.jpg Views:	0 Size:	58.0 KB ID:	57665

        I had a vision of wicked looking Clowns while waiting for my cab in Minneapolis, went home, googled the feast day and was shocked to see "The clown of God".

        Went downstairs and on TV was a clown wedding.

        Pennywise speaks to me and sometimes comes as a clown or Spider.

        Denise Naslund also originally showed up as a Joker or ringmaster and told me to be a fool for Christ, like my confirmation name, Saint Francis, the Fool whom Mussolini chose to be patron Saint of Italy.

        Francis was unemployed, a beggar, hugged lepers, and stripped down naked in public saying " I follow the naked Christ. "

        Mussolini said, "This is Italy, where the greatest Saints and most Popes are from that I could make patron Saint of Fascism.

        I choose the illiterate, uneducated, unappreciated, misunderstood, poor man of Assisi.

        He chose suffering rather than comfort, humiliation and rebuke rather than praise.

        Preached to the Muslims during the crusades , certain that crossing enemy lines would lead to martyrdom.

        Even the Muslim enemies put up with an Italian in their country proselytizing about blasphemy and heresy.

        His crimes were punishable by death.

        They saw his courage and made an exception to the rule.

        Even a courageous enemy is loveable.

        If a Fascist wishes to find a perfect example, look not to me, look to our patron Saint.

        Rachel, we are to own nothing of value. The money I make as Prime minister goes to women who can't afford large families and other charitable causes to build a greater Rome.

        I shall survive entirely off of the News paper we lived off of just fine prior to becoming Prime minister.

        You shall have no fur coat or Jewelry. I shall own nothing expensive.

        That visit from Gandhi, a humble man with goat, half naked, starving, and defeating the British Empire without firing a shot, left a big impression on me.

        I regret that I am not more like him."

        Words of Mussolini to his wife Rachel

        To be continued.......
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          Also, Bryce Cottrell , founder of Noble Wolf Vodka stands before a building that is a Chilean flag. I noticed that right after uploading Fascist Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet, a successful Fascist till his death, and useful ally of the USA in the Cold War.
          Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

Name:	https___www.history.com_.image_MTU5MTkxOTg5MjEwODUxMDk2_pinochet-chile-dictator-797741.jpg
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          Augusto is: From Augustus meaning magic majestic, dignity, or venerable. Most famous bearer is Caesar Augustus.

          Mussolini in the Old testament practiced magic. Benito Mussolini dabbled in the occult. Oh Lord, let Caesar Augustus, live up to his name "Majestic, dignified, venerable "

          Pinochet is a name found in Aveyron and in the north of Brittany and that it could be a diminutive of pinoche, which could be linked to the fruit of the pine tree or to… une pine (pronounced like the English “pin”) is a prick, and pinochet could then be seen as a “little prick”.

          He was indeed a prick oh Lord, but help him to be the right kind of prick who protects the flock and is extremely powerful

          Oh wow! I just wrote about Joseph. Augusto means "To increase" as well. Joseph means "to increase"..

          So let it be Oh Lord, that Augusto Pinochet is another Saint Joseph, working closely with Nafisa Joseph....

          I couldn't help but notice the Augusto Museum picture is dated May 1, 1987. I was born April 11th 1987, Rachel Mussolini's birthday. May 1, is the Feast of Joseph the worker.

          Nafisa Joseph is the Fascist Saint Joseph , prefigured by Joseph of Egypt, who was Rachel and Mussolini's favorite son in the Old Testament.

          Joseph of Egypt controlled Pharaoh and the greatest Empire on earth regardless of being a Hebrew slave.

          Likewise, Nafisa Joseph controls the Empire of God, the Fascist state, close relative of Tagore, Mussolini's favorite writer.

          Tagore sang the praises of Mussolini after visiting the Duce. Both Gandhi and Tagore boosted the reputation of the Fascist regime.

          Nafisa died birthday of Il Duce, his favorite supermodel, and now Nafisa Joseph shall be a great instrument for Fascism like her favorite person Gandhi, and her close relative Tagore.

          Nafisa is a Muslim name, so she is part Arab for wining Muslims. She has a Hebrew last name because she is a descendant of Jacob (Mussolini) and Rachel. This is so she can reach the Jews.

          She is part Indian so as to reach Hindus and people who are not white.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	nafisa-joseph-6 (1).jpg
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          She was Roman Catholic so as to reach Catholics.

          When I spaz out I go to Saint Joseph's hospital, just next to Capitol hill, where I enshrined the Capitol Hill Queens. She also went to Saint Joseph's College.

          Pharaoh always told everyone, "go to Joseph".

          Mussolini keeps telling me, " go to Joseph ".

          Augusto Pinochet means " Magic Joseph, the venerable little prick".

          May Divine Providence grant that he live up to that name.

          May he also be Caesar Augustus:

          Caesar Augustus (23 September 63 BC – 19 August AD 14) was the first Roman emperor, reigning from 27 BC until his death in AD 14.[nb 1] His status as the founder of the Roman Principate (the first phase of the Roman Empire) has consolidated an enduring legacy as one of the most effective and controversial leaders in human history.[1][2] The reign of Augustus initiated an era of relative peace known as the Pax Romana. The Roman world was largely free from large-scale conflict for more than two centuries, despite continuous wars of imperial expansion on the Empire's frontiers .


            I didn't sleep last night, but last time I slept, I dreamed of wolves surrounding me at night in the woods. The Minnesota wild hockey team has an animal I always thought was a wolf, but no one knows what it is. Click image for larger version

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            In the eye of this creature is the North star. In the wolf and Fascist Skull cult thread, I declared that the Capitol Hill Queens rule Venus, the Morning star planet, "twin of earth ", and are Amaterasu girls, Shinto Samurai Sun Divinities of the North star.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	55e2ab6e340463082f682dc3e5a94c91.jpg
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	cc5bb1492c78c35b898faf972c4fe976 (2).jpg
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            Amaterasu is Goddess of Samurai in Japan, wolf Divinity of a star ( the sun,) but the North Star is the star of ocean, Portal of the sky, hotter, more intense, and more full of light, energy, and legends than the Sun.

            The North star keeps getting brighter and is estimated 2.5 times more bright than when first observed.

            these changes are 100 times larger than [those] predicted by current theories of stellar evolution".

            Because Polaris lies nearly in a direct line with the Earth's rotational axis "above" the North Pole—the north celestial pole—Polaris stands almost motionless in the sky, and all the stars of the northern sky appear to rotate around it.

            This is super cool because when Mussolini signed his pact of Steel, he was thinking of Earth's rotational Axis and declared "Behold the Rome and Berlin Axis. In the future, all nations of Europe shall rotate around the Rome an Berlin Axis".

            That is where the " Axis powers" term came from, later called "The Rome, Tokyo, and Berlin Axis".


              In the Wolf thread, I mention warrior Goddess Kali being an archetype of the Fascist state,

              Click image for larger version  Name:	kali_by_redreevgeorge_d6vkkos-400t.jpg Views:	1 Size:	17.5 KB ID:	57694 Click image for larger version  Name:	goddess_of_death_by_elias_chatzoudis_dasfol1-fullview (1).jpg Views:	1 Size:	85.0 KB ID:	57695 Click image for larger version  Name:	kali-1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	658.1 KB ID:	57696

              and how the Swastika comes from her Religion,
              Click image for larger version  Name:	thumb.pagespeed.ce.HOIHbtM7gF.jpg Views:	1 Size:	20.7 KB ID:	57697
              and Hitler's idea of a master race came from her caste system.

              Hitler loved animals and became a vegetarian in imitation of her Religion as well.

              In a branch of her Religion known as Esoteric Hitlerism, Hitler is known as an Incarnation of one of Devi and Kali's greatest warrior divinities.
              Click image for larger version  Name:	thumb.pagespeed.ce.GGDUqcNJBY.jpg Views:	1 Size:	11.8 KB ID:	57698
              ninth Avatar of Vishnu, and called him "the god-like Individual of our times; the Man against Time; the greatest European of all times",[3] having an ideal vision of returning his Aryan people to an earlier, more perfect time, and also having the practical wherewithal to fight the destructive forces "in Time". She saw his defeat—and the forestalling of his vision from coming to fruition—as a result of him being "too magnanimous, too trusting in human frailty by believing he could defeat Britain, France, Poland, Czechoslovakia, too good", too much faith in God, of having in his "psychological make-up, too much 'sun' [beneficence] and not enough 'lightning.' ,[4] unlike his coming incarnation:
              "Kalki, who will be like Joshua, Moses , and Old Testament Fascist Prophets who were not as kind to enemy forces, but slew them all, not sparing a single child.

              In Esoteric Hitlerism, it is believed that, ironically , Hitler was too merciful, too compassionate, too sensitive, which is why the God of the Bible had enemies of his Fascist regime whiped out completely, which Adolf didn't do with the same thoroughness.

              Mussolini is even more kind.

              Mussolini means contender with God, because he fights with God like Patriarch Jacob Mussolini did in the Old Testament.

              Benito fights and restrains the wrath of God and seeks the softest non racist, non hateful, loving, compassionate, peaceful form of Fascism, that didn't resemble Nazism.

              I never pray to Hitler.

              Because of you, Jessica, and the name Jakob meaning Mussolini, and Jakob is where Fascism began, and Jakob and Benito Mussolini both married Rachel, and Rachel Mussolini is my favorite author with my birthday, April 11, (and her name means " ewe" like "You ") .....

              ​​​​​​.....who I asked to Marry me spiritually 100 year anniversary of the founding of the Fascist party 09/06/2019....

              ...It reminds me of a message about Marriage that I sent to Jakob before he deleted his account. The message got deleted with it.

              But I spoke of Jakobs love for Rachel, Benito Mussolini's love for Rachel, and Jakob's love for Rebecca getting him to steal Fascist blessings and destiny from his Twin (violent Twins like Jessica's Twin brothers) through Rebecca's work.

              Rebecca means to bind together. Fascism means to fasten, to bind together. Rebecca also means " To bind together in matrimony. Marriage ".

              But I called the agenda of Benito the butterfly many names like :

              "Fascist Dictatorship of the Emperor butterfly, Babylon babes of the fourth Reich,Church of Mussoliniology, Israeli defense force initiative, one world government of the Anti-antichrist, Holy Roman Empire, Leah Michelle Mussolini, Spouse of Jacob, all of which are accomplished through "

              "The NEW WORLD ORDER OF REBECCA"

              To be continued.....
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                I didn't know that Rebecca meant the same thing as the etymology of Fascism when that came to me, and I wanted it to contain Mussolini's name, but Il Duce said that one world government must go to females, their names written in the book of Rebecca, trained to steal the destiny of the Antichrist , seduce and intoxicate God, march on his Capitol, manipulate God, break rules to exalt her favorite son, give him credit for all of her work, then like Rebecca say, "Let the curse and consequences of your sins fall on me , not you".

                That was how the Messiah, the Mother of God, the Levitical priesthood, Moses, the Papacy , the Catholic Church, and the Bible descended from Jakob instead of Esau.
                Click image for larger version

Name:	unnamed (18).jpg
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ID:	57706
                God and Isaac said it was to go to Esau who was the stronger, more impressive, first born, hardest worker, Alpha male, and most talented.

                Yet Jakob did little things with great love to please Rebecca. Esau was busy doing impressive works, he thought he only needed to please the Father, because the Father was more powerful than Rebecca.

                Yet Rebecca found a way to break God's rules and completely defy the will of Isaac and God, offering to die in Jacob's place, suffer any consequence, so that Isaac accidentally give the blessing to the wrong Twin, assume Rebecca's work was Jacob's, give Jakob credit for Rebecca's and Esau's work and gifts.

                Then Rebecca demands curses and consequences fall on her, so that Jacob gets away with crime, theft, deception, rebellion, sin, and even go on to practice forbidden magic and commit violence against God to steal more blessings, graces, and destiny, so that God says

                " In you Jacob, Israel, Mussolini, contender with God, in you all nations and people shall find their blessing. Blessed are those who bless Jakob, cursed are those who curse Jakob (Mussolini)."

                Click image for larger version

Name:	2-benito-mussolini-italian-dictator-mary-evans-picture-library (1).jpg
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ID:	57707 Click image for larger version

Name:	IWM_IWM_LD_7283-001 (2).jpg
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ID:	57708 Click image for larger version

Name:	775810 (1).jpeg
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ID:	57709 Click image for larger version

Name:	Mussolinifront (1).jpg
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ID:	57710

                Smile gentle reader. Benito Mussolini loves you!


                  The first Fascist Dictatorship, Theocracy, and prophecy of a one world government (that all nations would need to submit to and bless), came to Jakob because of Rebecca entirely.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	mxqc4v5ogzt41.jpg
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ID:	57716 Click image for larger version

Name:	grl1jlw9j4731.jpg
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ID:	57717 Click image for larger version

Name:	0a06ed225f6a9acd6a215f3a7e2e1026--flag-transport.jpg
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Size:	8.6 KB
ID:	57718 Click image for larger version

Name:	d5jcto0-4e882967-4389-47d2-b446-b1bde914e733.png
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Size:	589.5 KB
ID:	57719

                  Benito Mussolini (Jakob) died feast of Saint Louis De Montfort. My favorite Author and Saint, before I knew about Mussolini, was Louis De Montfort.

                  Everything I knew about Rebecca came from Louis De Montfort. In a monastery, the religious name I was going to take was "brother Immaculato De Montfort" , and when I read his book, I knelt before an altar and said "Make this book my life".

                  Years later, I gave up the devotion.

                  Reading about Mussolini dying the day my favorite Saint died, then getting hung upside down by his heels on April 29, Emperor Hirohito's birthday, (my favorite high priest Click image for larger version

Name:	merlin_9621004_7cba8b1b-ad6a-4bef-afa4-5d9acf8d5cd1-articleLarge (1).jpg
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Size:	73.2 KB
ID:	57715 who gave me my Jacket. Not to mention, he was a descendant of the sun wolf Goddess)

                  Italian Dictator, whose wife becomes my favorite female author ( tied with De Montfort), born my birthday, see's eye to eye with me on everything, like a female copy of me , with a name meaning " ewe" sounding identical to "You", brought me back to my favorite Devotion by Louis De Montfort.

                  Crazy, an Italian Dictator leads me to go back to Church every day for mass and holy communion, and makes me nicer to God and others, but nothing could be more true, and nothing more helpful.

                  I love you Mussolini! I love you Adolf Noble Wolf! I love You Dictator Franco! I love you Emperor Augustus Pinochet! Bless Jessica Hitler, Erica Hitler, Jakob, and noble wolf, the fruit of Jessica's womb.

                  Bless Jessica for not getting an abortion. May the baby be a great blessing to her and to the world. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

                  To be continued......


                    Click image for larger version  Name:	1596814225_Meeting-point-for-Mussolini-fans-family-plans-mausoleum.jpg Views:	0 Size:	63.7 KB ID:	57725 Mussolini said, " It's Rebecca's work. I sucked with wars of aggression , but now I practice De Montfort devotion to Rebecca and contend with God.

                    I will have only victory now.

                    I break God's rules, fight God and win, because Rebecca pulls all the right strings, gets her way, and says the punishment for all my sins must fall on her not me.

                    That is why a female, Clara Petacci , shielded me from bullets and shouted "NO".

                    She was innocent of all crimes , yet hung upside down next to me dead for my crimes.

                    When you please the naughty Rebecca's, the secret is they shield you and die for your sins.

                    I was supposed to suffer great affliction for my sins in purgatory, but Clara's innocent death for my crimes atoned for my sins , as her blood paid the price for my guilt.

                    She shielded me from bullets, and then as God was about to strike me with a just sentence for my misuse of Fascist authority, power, and anointing from Heaven, Clara shielded me, shouted " NO" , and Rebecca, the Virgin Mary, and the loyal women demanded the consequence and punishment fall on them instead.

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	636557934463826049-639541346.jpg Views:	0 Size:	47.6 KB ID:	57726

                    It's because I took great pains, efforts, and was a natural at winning the female hearts.

                    Clara declared she wanted to die for me in her letters as a school girl before we ever met.
                    Girls just beginning their teenage years flooded my headquarters with letters involving fantasies of Heaven, being taken to my headquarters, being embraced within the strong arms of the epitome of masculinity, the Messiah of Rome, the image of God the Father, whose intense gaze was too much to hold without women fainting or delightfully screaming.

                    Girls shared their dreams of laying their head against the mighty chest of their Duce, listening to my heart beat.

                    Girls receiving Holy Communion told me they would prefer it was my body contained within the spotless consecrated host placed on their tongue during Holy Communion.

                    It was my flesh and blood girls wanted to drink and eat instead of God himself.

                    Remember, God doesn't approve of this, but Rebecca, the girls with
                    Rebecca's secret and chemistry, get their way.

                    Some women and girls like monsters Click image for larger version  Name:	_methode_times_prod_web_bin_83506672-2d76-11ea-a2d1-c31ad393952a.jpg Views:	0 Size:	92.9 KB ID:	57722 Click image for larger version  Name:	benito_mussolini_and_adolf_hitler.jpg Views:	0 Size:	399.1 KB ID:	57723 Click image for larger version  Name:	GettyImages-3425760-5c4ce47446e0fb000167c6d0.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.04 MB ID:	57724 . God and Isaac didn't approve of rewarding Jacob for being a monster, thief, deceiver, dabbling in forbidden occult like Mussolini, mistreating God's favorite wife Leah, sleeping with women he wasn't married to, owning essentially sex-slaves, commiting violence against God, holding on to God like the most arrogant of all men and refusing to let go unless God give him yet more greater a destiny than what he already stole from God and his Father and more worthy hardworking brother.

                    God could not strike Jacob without hurting Rebecca. So Jacob the monster, the lady killer, the criminal, the thief , was shielded.

                    Jacob God kept rewarding ,to please Rebecca, who showed greater love for Jacob than God had seen in any woman.

                    From Jacob's Fascist bloodline God made His own Mother Mary, his masterpiece.

                    God wanted his Mother to resemble his favorite female, so Mary also is a Mussolini lover.

                    To be continued....


                      Just noticed in one of the pics, a resemblance in Hitler and my ex- boss - the most "prick of a bastard" of anyone I ever worked for! lmao
                      mother moon -she's calling me back to her silver womb,
                      father of creation -takes me from my stolen tomb
                      seventh-advent unicorn is waiting in the skies,
                      a symptom of the universe, a love that never dies!


                        Benito Mussolini:
                        The Mother of God wanted the best for me, because Mary performed her greatest miracle at Fatima Portugal, using the sun, which represented Jacob, making Jacob dance in the sky, then warning of how much damage Russia and Communism and Socialism would do.

                        She asked for the consecration of the greatest enemy of Fascism , the primary and entire cause of Fascist violence, Russia, to be consecrated to her Immaculate heart.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	845a1183fb9a15fee335670cfc7ea804.png
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Size:	1.26 MB
ID:	57736

                        She could have mentioned Fascist Italy, Japan, Spain, Chile, Germany, and errors of Fascism spreading throughout the world.

                        Why did Mary repeatedly call for a crusade against Russia and the errors of Russia (liberalism, Socialism, Marxism, and secularism) but not once did she mention a force as strong as to become the ugliest word in politics, (Fascism), the word most people declare to be responsible for the greatest wars and atrocities in human history.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	banner-errors-of-russia-01_orig.jpg
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                        Why didn't Mary ever ask for a consecration of Germany even. Even I in my lifetime condemned Nazi errors, racism, and aggression. Why didn't she?

                        Here is the secret:

                        Mary was not threatened by the third Reich, because even the third Reich was reacting to militant atheism effacing God and Mary from the hearts of man.

                        As bad as Adolf Hitler was, with all of his faults he was allying himself with defenders of Mary , Jesus, Religion, and Spiritual government against a common enemy that committed far worse crimes, was far more ugly, and killed over 15 times as many people as Hitler did in the Holocaust, then proceeded to do what Fascists don't do like abort countless millions of unborn babies in the womb, ,break up families, and push pornography and hedonism, all of which Fascism corrected.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	1f7be608abd3addcf3e16a61c0c0944a.jpg
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                        Then Communists got away with their crimes , so that Fascists are blamed for everything, yet you can sport Communist symbols and Dictators far worse than Hitler, without getting beat up.

                        You can wave Communist flags and pictures of Communist Dictators in America and everywhere like Antifa does.

                        Try simply wearing a shirt that says "Mussolini" , a man found innocent of a single war crime, a slave abolitionist like Abraham Lincoln, a man who lowered crime and made short work of mafias, kept prayer in schools,....

                        .... created what is today Independent Vatican City state, did more than any figure including Chamberlain to keep peace, tried to create Israel, helped fund Jews in Palestine, helped the Vatican and my Pupil Franco get Jews fleeing the Nazis out of the country, saved Spain and Western Europe from Soviet takeover , ....

                        .....creating the greatest Cold War regime under Franco that triumphed in what the Pope declared to be "A crusade against evil", and created an antibolshivek block that saved Western Europe and destroyed Soviet backed revolutions of Communist madness in South America when my servant Augusto Pinochet temporarily removed the gangrene limbs, the cancerous tumors, and did what he had to do to kill the cancerous cells that were turning Chile into an atheist nation without morals or conscience.
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	f43950717ec24a6ba03410ac42211529.jpg
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                        He had USA backing his Fascist regime , because America had enough discernment to know Fascism was necessary and the only solution to getting the high priests,of Satan, their Soviet temples of bloody red genocide ( in adoration of the gods of hedonism, materialism, selfishness, slaying of the unborn, destruction of innocence, glorification of Sodomy, lawlessness, and every Obamination) , ....

                        .... The Holy Fascist State, Leah ,the bride of every noble mind, raised up a son of Rebecca, a Catholic, Augusto Pinochet, to be her German Shepherd, her good beast, Mary's monster.

                        The secret, is Mary didn't mention Germany or Fascism, only expressed concern over Russia, because she saw that Germany allied themselves with her Jacob, Israel, the one women remained loyal to, when my own men killed me.

                        In Heaven, the women favored me, interceded for me to be Dictator, Duce of Heaven, Marian Dictator, Mary's monster, Ark of the covenant, delight of Mary's Immaculate heart.

                        Devotion to Mary and Rebecca will get anyone my status and blessings.

                        When men accept me as their Caesar, I make myself shine forth from them , so that Rebecca sees her beloved Jacob.

                        Saint Louis De Montfort said, " All elect men are called to be Mussolini, Jacob".

                        He is the only Theologian or Saint to say that, and I died his feast day, so that we can create a world of Fascist Dictators, Jacobs, Israels, Fascist gods, with the blessing from Scripture "blessed are those who bless Mussolini. Cursed are those who curse him. In Mussolini all nations shall find their blessing."

                        Sorry Erica, that was way to long to read, but a whole bunch of coincidences followed my dream about wolves and breeding wolves, then being surrounded by them , then a man on my online rehab group shows us all his German Shepherd.

                        German Shepherd's come out of Germany and I know Jakob was German and maybe Jessica too, and German Shepherd's were called:

                        Alsatian Wolf Dog.

                        Nafisa Joseph I identified as German Shepherd and the title of Adolf Hitler Der Führer made him a German Shepherd, Shepherd of the German flock.

                        German Shepherds make the greatest police and military dogs and are what I compare Fascist Dictators to: "Vicious sheep dogs that must be mean to protect stupid sheep from wolves.

                        A German Shepherd is a wolf protecting sheep from wolves. They nip the sheep in the heel. They move the sheep through a process known as " heel" or "heeling".

                        One definition of Mussolini (Jakob) is heel, because he came out grabbing the heel of his twin.

                        Today, through you, Jessica taught me Hitler is a German Shepherd, a noble wolf in training, that leads and heels the flock, growing more loving and rehabilitating so that he is now a friend of Jews and all people who seek to be one body with him, Benito, the Queens, and the Fascist state.

                        Noble Wolf wants all people of the Fascist State, his body, the body of the Reich, the Holy Roman Empire, to know that they are the Aryan Herrenmenschen ("master humans").

                        Noble Wolf now realizes , that being a master human, is not a condition of skin color, but a condition of the mind, heart, thought, and deeds.

                        All who accept Mussolini as Caesar, or Noble Wolf as Der Führer, or Dictator Francisco Franco as Caudillo (his title meaning " Warlord, Strongman"), or Augusto Pinochet as their Magic Caesar Augustus, receive their DNA, their spirit, can Transubstantiate unleavened bread and wine into their flesh and blood (Fascist Holy Communion),so that in God's eyes we are all one flesh, one family, one body.

                        No Fascist can call themselves a Fascist while despising their fellow countrymen, (Fascist brethren, and comrades) , based on ethnicity

                        Those who oppose Fascism are welcome anytime to enter the true sheep fold of the noble wolves and enjoy full status as the master race. Click image for larger version

Name:	download (9).jpeg
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                          Originally posted by Ampol View Post
                          If you think about it logically, and without bringing (understandable) human logic and emotion into it, the world would have been far better off if the Nazis and Hitz were allowed to let their final soulution come to pass, no creation of Israel, and the Middle East would be a far more peaceful place than it is now (certainly Al-Quad, ISIS etc wouldn't be around if this happened)

                          Deep down,you all know I'm right.
                          Well, you were partially right.

                          The middle east wouldn't have as much hatred for the USA and Israeli supporters.

                          Less terrorism.

                          Probably no ISIS.

                          If Hitler one that war it would have sucked for Jews , but it actually would have saved lives because it would have stopped the Communist takeover of multiple countries including China.

                          As brutal as the Japanese were, they were nicer to the Chinese than Mao. The Japanese would have occupied Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia , plus China.

                          If the Japs occupied Cambodia, it would have stopped Paul Pot from killing half the population.

                          And China's one child policy killed countless millions. Fascism is very opposed to abortion.

                          There would be less perverts, pedophiles, weirdos, rapists, serial killers , and homosexuals, because in Fascist Dictatorships there is no promotion of hedonism, no pornography, no gay marriage etc.

                          So, Had fascists one that war, it would have sucked for Jews, but would have overall been better for the world.

                          But the ends still never justify the means. You can't ever justify extermination of pregnant women, children, and babies based on ethnicity.