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Jerry Seinfeld is a Master Craftsman.

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    Jerry Seinfeld is a Master Craftsman.

    The silliest subject matter. It needs more dancing, though.

    Kramer: Let's start a band.
    Seinfeld: A band. And whose gonna be the singer, huh?
    Costanza: Me, a 37 year-old stocky, bald guy in a band.d
    Bennis: Whose band? What band?
    Kramer: I assumed I was gonna be the singer. I'm the grooviest cat. (Points and winks.)
    Bennis: You're the grooviest cat all right.
    Kramer: What's that supposed to mean?
    Bennis: Kramer, we all know you're a pothead.
    Kramer: Well, in a non-traditional way, yeah.
    Bennis: All right, then, gentlemen, if we're going to be in a band we better practice some moves.
    (Elaine starts dancing.)
    Bennis: Do what I do.
    Seinfeld: Now that would be impossible
    Costanza: C'mon Jerry! We're in a band. I always wanted to be in a band!
    Seinfeld: Okay.

    Transitional scene of sleek dancing elements taking hold. The gang become an exclusive rock group.

    They strut on to stage like G's and begin doing the world's greatest rap, in which they each explain who they are.