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What gift do you offer others?

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  • What gift do you offer others?

    And by that I mean, what about you makes the lives of those around you a little brighter or easier?

    Just a few examples in case what I'm asking isn't clear...

    things like...being good at taking control when someone is in crisis, or always knowing just the right thing to say when someone is down, or being a very giving and generous person, or...anything really! Whats your unique gift to those you love?

    Bonus question, what is a quality you wish you had but lack?
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    As for me
    I'm a pretty easy presence. I'm very picky about those I get close with but once I let someone in I tend to be very accepting and love them without judgment. And my friends often describe me as having a very positive energy that they enjoy being around, which I don't always feel inside lol but I'm glad I project it outwards

    And a quality I wish I had....I wish I was better about knowing what to do during the hard times in life. I want to be one of those warm southern women who organizes casseroles to bring to grieving families lol. When my friend's mom died I wanted so bad to step in and help her and her brother deal with all the mundane details like planning the funeral, but I was just paralyzed and not very helpful. I wish I was better at that sort of thing


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      This is one of those questions that is hard to answer about oneself. I'll think on it, because it's a nice question.


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        I would say my gift quality is that I am loyal. I'm not loyal in the sense I'll always be your Yes man but I pretty much never flake on or ghost anyone.

        The quality I wish I had is extroversion. Being introverted as well as having social anxiety, I think I sometimes let people down in a way when they want to open up their social circles between their various friends. I rarely become close friends with someone through association with mutual friends.


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          Maaan, flakes are just the worst. *not* being flaky is a great quality!

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        Ok I asked my partner and his answer was too kind, and better than anything I could come up with:

        “You’re so kind and empathic. You’re an amazing listener. You really thoroughly hear people out and remember their stories and you really don’t judge, even when you hear things that are pretty crazy.
        You support people and hardly ask for anything in return.
        And you’re very loyal.”

        things I wish I brought to the table: I wish I could be more of the life of the party and bring people up! I’m kind of quiet but would love to be more charismatic and make folks feel at ease in social situations. With strangers, I can be painfully awkward sometimes.
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          Really nice that your partner sees you like that : ) and just judging from what we see from you here, definitely sounds accurate

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        I look at these threads most time and stare blankly and can't answer the question because I don't know what I have to offer. I don't even know what I really do offer.

        I guess I do have long lasting friendships and relationships. Maybe loyalty. I can see that. I know when my friends come to me for some help, they're not coming to me because I'll half ass my way through it, they're coming to me because they know I'm good for it.

        I do actually go through life with a bit of an honor system. Being so entrenched in medieval fantasy growing up it's not too hard to believe subconsciously, loyalty would have meant a lot.

        As for the second part of the question, I don't know if I'd want any other quality I don't have right now, except maybe luck. For the most part I really need to create my own luck out of nothing, I'd like to just be able to be lucky.

        Anything else really would I think drastically alter my personality as a whole.


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          all i can think of after reading the questions is the scene in stripes where they are sitting around telling their story and it gets to bill murray and he says ''chicks dig me...because i rarely wear underwear'' clue why that scene stuck in my mind

          i am pretty good at making people laugh....i'd say above average in that department

          possible could be less immature


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            I always look at practical things when gift shopping.
            Everyone could use an extra mug or some cuttlery or even some bath towels.

            Gifts that i have to give i'm honest and truthful and isn't afraid to be brutally honest.


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              I used to feed the hungry and give clothing to the needy and care for the sick with Parkinson's and dementia at a mission and Franciscan friary.

              Most people enjoy my company in real life unlike at this forum.

              I try to ease suffering when it is possible.

              I'm not loud or obnoxious.

              I try not to increase suffering in our world.


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                Telling people what's wrong with them and how they should really think

                People love that shit


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                  Originally posted by Vanilla Gorilla
                  Telling people what's wrong with them and how they should really think

                  People love that shit

                  What Did We Do To Deserve This...???....

                  Cheers Glen.


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                    My gift to people is that I am ridiculously good looking and it brightens up their day when they see me.


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                      Folks have told me that I liven the atmosphere by bringing people from a somber and bored state of mind, to making them laugh and have fun.

                      One thing I wanna change about myself is the ability to focus on myself and get personal tasks taken care of, and better management of my time.


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                        I'm not sure I can answer this without sounding like I'm recalling interview answers that I've memorized.

                        I guess I try to help others when I can. I try to not be cause harm.

                        Sometimes I have trouble when I feel I can't tell the good guys from the bad, but I usually remind myself that no one is truly bad is truly bad. I wish I were a lot less judgemental, so I wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of having to remind myself.

                        I gave 2 positive qualities, so ill even it up with another lack. I wish I could be more open sometimes.


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                          I will not exclude people, I don't like seeing people left out. I'll make an effort to help involve someone if I see that happening.
                          I'm unbiased by friendship.. you can trust me to be honest with you.

                          I'd like to be better at focusing on certain tasks and time management in general. I stole this from 6's post but it definitely applies to me.
                          I'd like to lose some remaining inhibition I have.
                          And never feel sudden disproportional rage.