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Are you a sorrowful person or do you suffer greatly?

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    Are you a sorrowful person or do you suffer greatly?

    Are you a person of great suffering or sorrow in your opinion?

    I would say I suffer worse than the average person, and although I almost never cry, would consider myself sorrowful, mainly because of how much suffering there is in the world.

    However, I receive many signs and coincidences I feel are from Kami that make life fun and balance out affliction enough that (all things considered) I might be more happy than the average person.

    I'm a speed freak, but not so sure I'm more miserable than your average bloke. It's a fairly miserable world so I don't ever feel sorry for myself when compared to the average Joe, or envy the average person.

    The average American makes more money than me and appears more successful in many ways, but I don't envy them. There are people I envy no doubt, but certainly not the average person.

    All I have to do is listen to what the average person talks about and I know the world on average is quite shallow minded, immature, undisciplined, unenlightened, spiritually bankrupt, hedonistic, or materialistic.

    I actually in comparison feel quite fortunate.

    Regarding Meth, I'm down to just a little over a hundred dollars a month. That's less than 10 dollars worth a day, and now that I'm getting piss tested and in rehab, might really need to quit the shit entirely.

    it got me off alcohol and alcohol was far FAR more a destructive force in my life, as the only law I break on meth is using the meth itself, and I'm actually more kind to people on Crystal than I am sober.

    As a hopeless alcoholic I was a vandal throwing rocks through windows and physically aggressive with other people, constantly winding up in handcuffs, detox, or the ER.

    Speed hasn't done that to me ever. Not even once.

    That said, it's bad to use meth and Meth does somehow manage to ruin countless lives and make people go psychotic primarily through sleep deprivation, poor hygiene, and malnourishment.

    With using an average of less than 10 dollars a day, that arguably doesn't even qualify as an addiction, as I don't go through withdrawals.

    Less than ten dollars a day on average could arguably be considered using it in moderation.

    Okay, it's technically still an addiction at most and an unhealthy bad habit and waste of money at least, but my point remains, it's a hell of a lot better for me than being an alcoholic, and all things considered, I'm probably no more unhappy or miserable than the average person in our very hurting, sick, confused world.

    I'm schizo affective, so perhaps more ill than average, and go through mood swings and delusions, poverty, despair, and frustrating stuff, but am not convinced I'd rather have the average person's lot.


    I don't know, Matt.


      No, I'm not sorrowful. It never did anyone any good to remain that way.

      A can't, has never beaten a try.
      mother moon -she's calling me back to her silver womb,
      father of creation -takes me from my stolen tomb
      seventh-advent unicorn is waiting in the skies,
      a symptom of the universe, a love that never dies!