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I'm cleaning my apartment and why

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  • I'm cleaning my apartment and why

    So, best looking girl I've seen enter my home/shrine, spent the night with her boyfriend.

    Between us, I secretly wish I had her , so regardless , she motivates me to clean my place and make it hospitable, because even tweaker girls don't like a messy slob, and I'm going to invite her to stay here more often and she suggested it too because she's crashing in hotels and other people's places.

    That means clean toilet, clean sink, organize all the shit everywhere, keep all dirty clothes in one area, sweep and mop floor , clean counters , and do dishes.

    Those are things Kami have been trying to get me to do forever, but this unexpected couple of guests staying to night was what pushed me to the brink.

    My apartment has two Hondens, rooms for enshrined Kami, Goshintai, relics, blessed items, and are closed to myself and the public unless I'm burning candles, incense, or making a flower offering.

    Outside of the Honden are over 50 pictures of enshrined Kami on the walls with prayers to them.

    Even the restroom has Yasukuni Shrine, Mussolini, and Hirohito on the mirror.

    So it qualifies as a shrine in virtually every room. My stove doesn't work so I turned that into a Shrine too.

    So, a place with enshrined Kami everywhere should be kept clean an organized just as if I was inviting Donald Trump or the living Rachel Mussolini Incarnate, or my dream girl Lia.

    I'm placing Dina Belanger as patron Kami to invoke who is in charge of teaching cleanliness and orderliness.

    Dina_Belanger_2.jpg unnamed (26).jpg

    With Celine Martin


    And Therese of Lisieux


    They will teach me to do those little chores with great love , and make everything an offering of great worth and merit.

    Mussolini, God , and Kami aren't looking for people who do great things , but rather little things with great love.

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    Oh that goes for everyone, doesn't it? Who HASN'T suddenly found the energy to properly clean the house upon the expecting of guests.. Haha. It's one of the reasons guests are so useful.