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What caused your divorce?

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  • What caused your divorce?

    If you don't care to share, that's fine.

    What do you think causes the average divorce?

    For me, I am almost a daily mass goer to receive holy communion and offer it's treasures to the dead, but I'd not be able to live with a pious Churchy female, as she would find me scandalous and an Idolater , and say my prayers to the dead borderline on witchcraft and are Satanic.

    I could never get with a female who requires lots of material possessions or vanities, as I find more possessions create more worries and decrease happiness.

    I could only briefly be with someone who was really attached to this world, because I believe this life is very temporary and the next is more important.

    I'm a slob, but wouldn't mind a neat freak setting a good example and teaching me how to be more obedient and organized, and hopefully me obeying that teaching and instruction.

    If she was a far left secular person that would be a deal breaker, but I could actually tolerate a rational liberal anti fascist, as I am liberal on some issues and don't agree with everything Mussolini did during his life either.

    Usually in real life, when I explain to libbies what the Doctrine of Fascism says, and Fascism as I adhere to it, they find no fault with it.

    (But if she told me I couldn't keep pictures of the Duce on a wall or set aside in a closet Honden shrine to him somewhere, that would be a deal breaker.)

    That said, I prefer burning candles before shrines of women who already met their maker, as they strike me as having reached a more perfect, powerful, beautiful, enlightened, and altogether Fascistic state of existence, then those who are still alive and bitching.

    I also prefer the company of men in that purely spiritual state as well.

    I'm a good candidate for a disaster of a marriage all things considered. I consider myself married to Israel, the Church, Lia the Fascist State, and Rachel Mussolini (who has my birthday).

    I burn enough incense to the Queens of Heaven so that they won't divorce me hopefully, but I still have yet to clean my room and do the dishes like they asked me to.

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    Originally posted by ill Duce
    What do you think causes the average divorce?
    marrying the wrong person.


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      Originally posted by Undies

      marrying the wrong person.
      mother moon -she's calling me back to her silver womb,
      father of creation -takes me from my stolen tomb
      seventh-advent unicorn is waiting in the skies,
      a symptom of the universe, a love that never dies!