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Would you prefer alcoholics or tweakers?

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    Would you prefer alcoholics or tweakers?

    I have been around drunk people and people high on meth all the time and drunk people are way more beligerant , loud, obnoxious, violent and uncoordinated than meth heads. I prefer the company of tweakers.

    I've known people on meth that act relatively normal aside from rapid speech and a mild euphoric sound in their voice and look on their face. Sometimes that isn't even detectable and they don't even seem high, just happy.

    People that use over a gram a day and only sleep once every three days on average are nuts though. Their lives are ruined. Those are the poster children that anti meth propaganda uses in their war on meth which is actually one of the safest abused drugs if it's pure.

    However, most meth users aren't actually like that, they don't have pot holes and sores on their face, they aren't missing teeth, and they don't look older than they are. (I'm 33 and I got ID'd buying a pack of cigarettes for my neighbor yesterday. People tell me I look young for my age and I have my teeth and been doing meth since age 15.)

    What the anti meth crusaders and propaganda
    won't tell you is that meth is safer than a lot of all natural diet pills and supplements at your local health food store. You can more easily kill yourself from a vitamin D or Tylenol overdose than an overdose of pure crystal meth.

    However, Meth is terrible to be dependent upon and you can reach a stage where you can feel no joy or pleasure without it, and it can damage your neurotransmitters in large amounts, so best to not use it, but it is far less harmful and dangerous than an alcohol, cocaine, or opioid addiction.

    If you can just use meth on weekends you won't get addicted to it and I'd see that as a relatively harmless way to have a good time.

    On meth you can drive a vehicle well. I have been found unresponsive from alcohol and been arrested many times on alcohol. I have never been arrested on a meth related charge.