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What's the most expensive thing you broke?

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  • What's the most expensive thing you broke?

    I would say my hip or vertebrae.

    I detailed a car someone was going to purchase when I was a car dealer and crashed the car after cleaning it all day, destroying the light and putting a dent in it while moving the vehicle out of the garage.

    I failed to see a concrete pole.

    That was pretty dumb lol. Keeps me humble.

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    i totaled my truck a couple years ago. i can't think of anything worse than that, although i'm not 100% confident i'm not forgetting something.


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      Back in 1990, I blew up the engine on a 1984 Ford Escort work vehicle on the freeway.

      The engine light came on...... I just kept going 10 more miles at 25 miles per hour with the petal floored in a 55mph.

      When I shut the car off, the engine made a "konck" sound, then some white smoke.

      She died.
      The employer was pissed.
      I was fired a few weeks later.


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        A 5 Series BMW (a tree jumped in front of me ! )