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  • Your Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

    I am an Earth Based Goat, and yes I agree my blunt, if not brutal honesty at times can be a problem for me (especially when drunk as a skunk)

    And yes i do love Animals and Nature a lot (kids not so much, perhaps due to me being Aspergers with a short fuse)

    Also I am not very tidy, I'm one of the most lazy slobs around.

    But otherwise most of what this article says is pretty much spot on about myself and my character traits.

    I know many of you consider this be superstitious or Ooga Booga nonsense, but it's nice having a spiritual side and having something to believe in that cannot be explained by science (not neccesarily religion either)

    Getting tattoos is Haram (forbidden) in my faith and culture, but if it wasn't, I definitely would get one of a Goat (perhaps wearing a Boston Celtics jersey)

    Welcome 歡迎來到金龍博物館 Welcome to the Golden Dragon Museum, the Chinese Cultural Centre of Australia. The museum opened in 1991 to document, interpret and preserve the Chinese heritage in Australia. 歡迎來到金龍博物館——澳大利亞中國文化中心。金龍博物館于1991年始對外開放,致力於記錄、闡釋並保存澳大利亞的中國文化遺產。

    i started getting into this kind of stuff when u visited the Golden Dragon (Chinese History) Museum in Bendigo, about 10 years ago.

    That place is astonishingly brilliant and so cultured, was only there for 3 hours, frankly I could have spent a couple of days there.. So much richness and depth to the Chinese Culture and their spiritual beliefs.

    Also the annual Chinese New Year parades globally are so beautiful and inspiring to watch.

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    I'm one who doesn't believe in horoscopes and the like.
    I think their sayings are a load of shit to be fair.

    I was born in 1977 and i think that year was year of the snake. But as i said i don't really follow them.

    If you were born in the year of the goat that makes you 41 years old because 1979 was year of the goat.


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      I was born year of the firebunny, and victims of Ted Bundy I pray to call me Ted Bunny.

      The Chinese Zodiac for firebunny totally matches my character and personality.

      I'm glad you like Chinese spirituality.

      I practice Japanese Shinto which is enshrining the Kami (spirits), burning incense to them, creating hondens (rooms for only enshrined Kami to dwell), leaving flower offerings, burning candles, and writing them letters.

      I find it enriching with many coincidences that tell me it isn't all delusion.