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    Close calls

    Tell us about the time you had a very close call.

    2 weekends ago I had a hot date night with my lady, and on the drive home I was going 40 in a 25. A cop flips a u-turn and pulls me over. I was wearing a plaid Santa hat, and an awesome Nintendo 64 ugly Christmas sweater. The cop comes up and I play it cool. He tells me I’m going too fast. I say l’m sorry and I should’ve had better judgement. He says he liked my Christmas shirt and attire, and said he was looking for drunk drivers. I told him I hope he catches one. He let me go with a warning.

    40 in a 25? Jesus.


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      I've got a heavy lead foot

    Sometime around min November i was running outdoors. The weather was cool and rainy-ish. I was running across a street and i had the light yet this car just keeps going and nearly hits me. I looked at him and said, "Are you fucking retarded!?" Like i just reacted. Few seconds later the guy turns in the same direction i was running and says, "I'm so sorry." I wave it off as to gesture that its cool now as i continued running. At least he apologized, which i felt was cool.

    Soooo many close calls but felt that was most recent. I don't miss running in urban city streets.


      her name was Jenn

      i barely escaped


        One time I called my friend who was in the next room because I had a sore throat and didn't want to yell.

        So, close call...


        I was riding my bike to work, up the bridge on the sidewalk. It was raining and I heard a loud crash behind me.
        5 seconds earlier, I would have been a bunch of red on the railing.


          i looked death straight in the eye this morning

          i was getting dressed fresh out of the shower and got my big toe stuck in my underwear

          it was dark and scary event


            2 decades ago, at about 230am, I was motorcycling my Harley onto the I41 freeway.

            For about 2 miles riding for some reason I was still in the far right lane, which is odd at the time for me cause I'm usually in the far left lane speeding.

            ......Getting back to the 2 miles riding.....So, I'm coming to a high bridge hill on the freeway (Cleveland & I41) , as I'm cresting the top of the hill, a car going the wrong way in the far left lane goes passing over the hill as I was going over the hill still in the far right lane.

            There's no way I could've seen the car in time going over the hill if I was in the far left lane.

            If I was in the far left lane as my usual, I wouldn't have been able to answer 6's thread today.


              About two months ago i was walking. Saw these two large stray pit bulls from a distance. They were heading towards me. I was walking quickly so i can turn unto another street. I turned back and they were going faster. So i ran hoping they won't see me. I think i just made the turn a second before they would've saw me.