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In Japan, suicide is the leading cause of death in men

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  • In Japan, suicide is the leading cause of death in men

    If you are certain ages it is anyway.

    Seventy percent of suicides in Japan are male,[7] and it is the leading cause of death in men aged 20–44.[8]


    Also, are there any nations besides Japan that treated suicide as the honorable way to die in various circumstances, like commit suicide to avoid dishonor of defeat or capture? Are there any nations other than Japan that had the most accurate torpedoes in the world because a person was inside the torpedo steering it to it's destiny?

    I guess Muslims have similar warfare tactics, yet typically there is a big difference, as they will fly planes into buildings of innocent civilians, or typically when they blow themselves up it is in some place crowded with civilians.

    I find the Japanese kamikaze who flew their planes into American ships carrying military personnel to be noble, brave, honorable in a time of war, to lay down one's life for their comrades and country.

    It never would strike me as honorable or even slightly admirable to hijack a plane full of innocent people and fly it into a building full of innocent civilians when there is not even a war going on.

    But I don't know. If a person has grown to the point they don't enjoy life and feel like they are just a burden on society and should kill themselves, I could see that as honorable. It's actually brave to kill yourself, because when it is a serious attempt and not taking twenty pills or cutting your wrists, all of your instincts and conscience fuck with you.

    I know what it felt like to jump off a building , and before the jump, the body, mind, soul, or guardian angel, or something tries to stop you.

    Anyway, I would assume a lot of suicides take place in countries where the sun doesn't shine much..

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    What about women who Think they are men?


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      Originally posted by Beach Ball Bitch
      What about women who Think they are men?
      Not sure.
      But 70% of suicides in Japan are men.


      • Beach Ball Bitch
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        Interesting, the other 30 are probably women who think they are men.

        Does japan have the same kind of thing happen as China? They want a first born son and that son everything they have is put into him and the families success? Then he is to work for the entire family and look after the parents? Also if there is more than one child the other children are given nothing. I have seen this happen in Toronto a lot in Asian communities.

        I know of two children who were put in foster care as the oldest son was given everything and the younger twin boys were denied food even as the oldest boy was given everything. The two boys due to malnutrition where mentally brain damaged. They would eat their own vomit, the older son would make them do it. The two boys even had their own language With one another as no one talked to them. Was awful and heart breaking I know the older woman who took them in as foster kids. She was great with them. The oldest son was also in the same foster home but had to be put in a different one as he would take food from the twins and believed he was entitled to it as he was the first born and was taught this. The expectations put on the child as he grows up are all on him. Failure is not an option.

        In Toronto there was a girl who was sent here to be educated at the age of 16... for high school. After graduated her grades were not high enough so she didn’t get accepted into the universities she applied too. Instead she just sat in on classes and convinced herself that she was attending university. Even tried to write exams at university. Had been lying to her family back home because of her shame in not succeeding, when everything they had been put into her.
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        I don't know, but after Japan went mainly atheist and materialistic they have gone into a huge fertility crises where at this rate they will go extinct in 1750 years approximately and there are not enough new young people to care for the elderly, and there is just as much need for old diapers as baby diapers.

        This is largely because of leftist attacks on Japanese culture and traditions. Patriotism, nationalism, and Shintoism were what made Japan by far the most powerful Asian nation in the world. Leftists began firebombing Shinto Shrines and are attacking, discouraging, and antagonizing any devotion to the Kami , and calling for the abolition of the Imperial dynasty, the oldest dynasty on earth, (and the only man on earth with the title Emperor.)

        But that story you share about Asians only feeding much to the first born I never heard of before. I wonder how common it is? China is an extremely evil place if not the most guilty nation of any on earth. The current Chinese regime killed over 15 times as many people as the Nazis. Mao's great leap forward killed an estimated 60 million people and committed genocide against sparrows.

        They are also the most racist and dishonest nation I know of. The Chinese government encourages Chinese hotels and resturants to not serve black people.

        They are dishonest because they have been busted selling bacon to America that is rat flavored like bacon with toxic chemicals. They have made Arby's buns for Americans made out of cardboard, bread, and toxic chemicals to flavor it. They have sold Arby's roast beef that was actually pork flavored with toxic chemicals to taste like roast beef.

        It's one of the reason cancer is so high in China.

        They have also been caught force feeding pigs sewege and putting pieces of aborted babies in soup and health supplements. The regime over there purposely keeps the people enslaved and takes most of their money so they are barely able to survive. Anyone who criticizes the government is legally punished and often loses their job (even if it is just a comment on social media, you can't criticize the regime.)

        Better to live in America for one day and die, than live in China for 100 years. At least if you're me. I'd kill myself before I'd live in China. Japan on the other hand I would love to live there because (although they usually don't practice it anymore) Japan has my Religion Shintoism.

        Put me in Tokyo near Yasukuni Shrine and I would be happy because I help the soldiers enshrined there learn how to love, as many of them were severely abused, far to abused to know how to love. If you abuse a dog too much the dog becomes vicious. That was how many of the soldiers at Yasukuni shrine were. They benefit from my prayers I believe.

        I feel they and the Kamikaze and those who went on the banzai bayonet charges teach me courage, fearlessness, self-discipline, a love for suffering, a love in failure, a love for and finding meaning in an honorable defeat.

        Japanese soldiers have been the best soldiers I have ever heard of in the history of the world. They were hopelessly fighting against impossible odds in World War 2, but if it would have been only America at that time and Japan in the ring alone, Japan would have won like they won when it was just Japan and the Russian Empire in the ring. They also won the first Sino Japanese war when it was just Japan and China in the ring.

        Each country should be like Japan and have a patriotic Shrine staffed by a priesthood, where every soldier who dies for their country is enshrined , and all names and birthdates written in a book of souls. Each nation should enshrine their heroes as the Japanese do.

        I also believe in Amaterasu who is the great Sun Divinity who inspired the Japanese flag and struck the HUGE Mongolian fleet of 140,000 men and helped the Samurai wipe out the 100,000 who made it to shore in just one battle. It's the most impressive military victory I know of in the History of the world.

        I like Japan because it is an archipelago of small islands. I love island archipelago countries, and my favorite ocean is the Pacific. So, I love Japan, but they are in a real crisis, and in world war 2 they were really mean.

        However, before world war 2, Imperial Japan defeated the Chinese and the Russian Empire in two 20th century wars, and they weren't mean and didn't treat their POW's like they did in World war 2.

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      Their government claim it's due to "work fatigue." Some say it likely has origins in the military’s use of seppuku. Also known as harakiri, seppuku is the act of ritual suicide formerly performed mostly by Samurai. Personally I believe it's too many folk living in such a small space.
      "The embers of our past lives lie smouldering within us awaiting the winds of remembrance to fan them in flames of reality." Dax.


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        i blame the island

        its more and more obvious each day that people who are stuck on islands have major mental issues.


        • Pete's Draggun
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          That completely makes sense now with these treefort aussies.